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African American Beauty Tips


The secret to African American skin is to understand the many undertones in dark skin

It's important to know your own skin and choose shades that best complement your natural tones. Black skin care is just as easy to follow as any other skin care. Different types of skin simply use different skin care and makeup products.

African American Beauty


African American beauty starts with using colors that complement your skin tones.  Choose a foundation shade that exactly matches your skin tone to avoid a chalky-looking complexion.

You may need two, possibly three shades if your skin tone varies.


Use a cream concealer with a yellow base that is one shade lighter than your natural skin tone.


Pink and plum shades of blusher beautifully complement darker skins.  Start at the fullest part of the cheek (directly below the center of your eyes) and using a large blusher brush, extend the color up towards your temple.  Make sure you blend in well at the hairline.

Eyebrow color

Find an eyebrow pencil or eyebrow powder the same shade as your natural brows then pencil in with short, light strokes upwards and outwards.  Avoid using black as this looks unnatural.

Eye shadow

Shimmery eye shadows look great with dark skin.  Depending on the color palette you are wearing, brush a lighter toned eye shadow on to your eyelid, extending out the the edge of your eyes.

Using a darker shade, brush your eye shadow into the crease of your eye, using a slight upwards movement at the end of your eye to really open them up.

You may choose to add a toning color just under your brow.


Start by applying mascara to your upper lashes first.  Brush them downwards then brush them upwards from underneath to achieve a totally fabulous effect.  Use a tiny zig-zag motion to prevent mascara from clogging.

Next, use the tip of your mascara wand to brush your lower lashes using a side-to-side technique.


Depending on the color lipstick you are wearing, line your lips with a matching lipstick pencil.  Blend the line lightly into your lips with a cotton bud for a softer effect.

Pinkish-brown or berry lipstick colors give a natural sheen to your lips.  Apply your lipstick with a lipstick brush for a professional finish.

You may wish to finish off the total effect with a touch of pink-toned lip gloss.

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Apply a yellow toned concealer under your foundation on under-eye circles and blotchy patches.