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Aromatherapy Advice for Maternity Skin

Pregnancy is a magical time for our skin when most women's complexions are said to glow.  It's a time to pamper yourself as well as your baby.

We've included some maternity skin care advice to look after your body during and following pregnancy.

Stretch Marks

50ml sesame oil
10 drops geranium oil
15 drops ylang-ylang oil
10 drops lavender oil

Combine the oils and massage into the breast stomach and thighs daily.  Alternatively, add 25 to 30 drops of the mixture to your bath water.


50ml sesame or apricot oil
15 drops lavender oil
1 drop geranium oil
8 drops sandalwood oil

Combine the oils and add to your bath water or massage directly into the skin.

Nipple Massage Oil

10ml sweet almond oil or apricot kernel oil
1 drop rose oil

Combine the oils and massage into nipples daily during pregnancy and before and after feeding baby.  The mixture is not harmful in any way so don't be concerned about your baby inhaling the fragrance while suckling.

Mastitis Oil Compress

1 pint cold lavender water
1 drop geranium oil
2 drops rose oil

Add essential oils to the lavender water in a glass bowl.  Soak a flannel thoroughly with the mixture and apply to the breasts.  Repeat regularly during the day.

Perineum Healing Oil

2 drops pine oil
2 drops cypress oil
3 drops lavender oil

Add the oils to a shallow bath and soak for as long as possible.  The antiseptic qualities of the lavender oil help keep infection away during the healing phase.

We have included valuable information on the use of essential oils to heal and soothe various skin conditions:

Rub olive oil into your breasts and tummy during pregnancy to help reduce stretch marks