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The Best Skin Care Regimens

The Top 10 skin care products and how to use them to make your skin look as healthy as you possibly can.

Before you can devise the best skin care regime for your skin type, it's important that you understand what the main skin care products are designed to do and how they can help you make the most of your skin care.

Facial washes

Facial washes are designed to be lathered up with water to dissolve grime, dirt and stale makeup from the skin's surface.

Cleansing bars

Ordinary soap is too drying for most skin types. Specially formulated skin care cleansing bars lather up in the same way as soap but are more gentle on the skin. They're refreshing for oilier skin types and help keep pores clean.

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Cream cleansers

Cream cleansers are a wonderful way to cleanse drier complexions. They generally have a light, fluid consistency to make them easy to spread on the skin. Cream cleaners also contain oils to dissolve surface dirt and grime so they can be easily swept away with a damp cottonwool pad.

Cleansing towelettes

Cleansing towelettes are the most popular and newest way to keep your skin clean and refreshed when you're in a hurry.  They come in a range of consistencies to suit most skin types.  Like the nappy wipes most of us are used to, you simply pull a pre-moistened towelette from the pack, cleanse your face thoroughly, and you're ready to go!  Suitable for all the but the driest skins.

Toners and astringents

Toners are designed to refresh and cool your skin and quickly evaporate after being applied. They can also help remove excess oil from the outer layers of the skin.  The word "astringent" on the bottle means it has a higher alcohol content and is only suitable for oily complexions.

The words "tonic" or "toner" on the bottle mean they are generally useful for normal and combination skins.

If you have sensitive skin, you should usually avoid toners altogether as they can be too drying.  Instead, refresh your skin with a splash of cool water, then pat dry with a soft towel.


The key function of a moisturizer is to form a barrier on your skin and prevent moisture loss from the top layers.  This makes the skin feel softer and smoother.  Generally, the drier your skin, the thicker the moisturizer you should use.  All skin types need a moisturizer.

There's an amazing range of formulations and added ingredients in moisturizers nowadays to treat your skin. Always try to choose a moisturizer with UV filters for all year protection from the ageing and burning rays of the sun.

Eye makeup removers

Ordinary cleaners aren't usually designed to remove stubborn eye makeup.  Eye makeup removers are specially formulated to not irritate your eyes but remove your eye makeup at the same time.

If you wear waterproof mascara, always choose an eye makeup remover designed for waterproof mascara.

Face masks

Face masks are intensive treatments designed to either deep cleanse your skin or dramatically boost moisture levels.  Choose the face mask that best suits your skin type.

Facial scrubs and exfoliaters

These creams or gels contain hundreds of tiny granules to dislodge dead surface skin cells, revealing the younger, fresher skin underneath.  Always try to choose an exfoliater with rounded particles to avoid damaging your skin.

Eye creams

The delicate skin around your eyes is usually the first to show signs of ageing.  Eye creams and gels contain special ingredients to plump out fine lines and keep the skin moist and soft.  They can also help reduce puffiness and under eye shadows.

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Night creams

Night creams are intensive formulations designed to give your skin extra pampering while you sleep.  They have a thicker consistency because you don't need to apply makeup over the top of them.  Most night creams are not suitable for oily skins.


Cottonwool balls soak up liquids like toner, so dampen with water first then squeeze out excess.