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African American Skin Care Advice

The secret to black skin care and  beauty is to understand the many undertones found
in darker skin.

A good understand of the role of melanin in black skin is important.  This includes people from Africa, African Americans, the Caribbean and South Pacific Islands.  It's the melanin that gives skin its color and protects it from sunlight, and also keeps you looking younger for years longer!

African American skin care involves the use of quality skin care products that feed your skin, without leaving it feeling oily and dry.

Ashy skin

Ashy skin appears when the skin is starved of moisture and dry.  By increasing the oil content in your skin care regime, you can reduce the appearance of ashy skin.

If your skin appears ashy, use a creamy cleanser to wash away impurities and dirt, then rinse away with warm water.

To refresh your skin, use a light toner of witch hazel wiped over the face with a damp cotton wool ball.

Finally, choose a good quality creamy moisturizer to nourish your dry skin.  Apply with your fingertips and gently massage in upward movements.  A moisturizer containing cocoa butter works well on most black skins.

If you have an oily T-zone, blot excess moisturizer off with a tissue.

Keloids and scars

African American skin is more prone to developing keloids, which is a build-up of scar tissue at the site of a wound or injury.  Even pimples can leave a keloid scar.  Try putting Vitamin E cream on spots to help them heal.


This is irregular or dark discoloration of the skin and is often find in African American skin types.  Alpha and beta hydroxy acids and dermabrasion can help control these areas.

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Look for the cosmetic ranges especially designed for darker skins for your foundation and powder.