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Makeup Tips For Kissable Lips
by celebrity makeup artist
Remi Fleming

For plump, kissable lips, keep them well moisturized.  Lip balms seal in the moisture and prevent cracked, flaky lips.  Uuugh! 

A good lip balm with an SPF factor also acts as a great base for your lipstick, preventing it from bleeding into the cracks like some moisturizers do.

Small Lips


To give small lips extra oomph, outline them with a lip pencil that matches your natural lip color, then blend the line well on to the lip with a cotton bud.

Create a pumped-up, stained effect by applying lipstick with your finger, then dab some gloss on the fleshiest part of the lips.

Thin Lips

For thin lips, use the same technique as for small lips, but rather than using your finger, apply the lipstick from the tube or with a lipstick brush.

Play Up Your Pout

It seems everyone wants full, pouty lips these days, so if you're lucky enough to be born with them (or rich enough to have them created for you!), make the most of full lips with bright, bold colors and/or oodles of gloss.

Play It Nude

To play up the current trend for nude lips - a la J.Lo - apply nude colored lip pencil to your lips, then go wild with plenty of pale gloss or a hint of shimmer.  Nude colored matte lipsticks blend into your skin tone and can give you a washed out look, while gloss reflects the light and gives your mouth the attention it deserves.

Give Your Lipstick Serious Staying Power

Apply a lip balm or a small dab or foundation to your lips and blot with a tissue.

With the lip pencil color of your choice, outline the lips, then color in the whole lip area.  Apply your lipstick with a lip brush then blot again. For really serious staying power, dust lightly with loose powder, then apply a final coat of lipstick.

Add a dab of lip gloss to the centre of your bottom lip, or all over for a genuine shine.

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