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Professional Makeup Beauty Tips

Beautiful Blusher

The right blusher gives your complexion a natural bloom.  Follow our professional makeup beauty tips to give your face radiance and depth.

Powder Blusher

Powder blusher should be applied after your foundation and face powder.  To apply your blusher like a professional, dust over the compact with a large soft brush and tap the handle on the back of your hand before applying.

Your blusher should start at the fullest part of your cheek directly below the center of your eyes.  Then smile and dust the blusher over your cheekbones and up towards your temples.

Blend the color well at your hairline to avoid harsh edges.

For a radiant glow, also apply a small amount of blusher to the center of your chin, the center of your forehead and on the tip of your nose - all the places where the sun's rays would catch your skin.

Cream Blusher

Most cream blushers are applied with the fingertips, after you have applied your foundation but before your face powder.

A cream blusher can give you a lovely warm and natural glow, particularly in the warmer months.

Using your fingertips, apply small dots of cream blusher on the fullest part of your cheek and upwards towards your temples, then blend in.  If you prefer, using a foundation wedge to apply your cream blusher gives you a more professional look.

Choose Your Color

As a general rule it's best to opt for a shade of blusher that tones well with your skin color and co-ordinates with the rest of your makeup.

Color Guide

Blonde hair, cool skin Baby pink
Blonde hair, warm skin Tawny pink
Dark hair, cool skin Cool rose
Dark hair, warm skin Rosy brown
Red hair, cool skin Soft peach
Red hair, warm skin Warm peach
Dark hair, olive skin Warm brown
Black hair, dark skin Terracotta


If you've run out of blusher, dot a little lipstick on your cheeks and blend with your fingertips.