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Professional Makeup Beauty Tips

Eye Catching Makeup Tips

Here you'll find our professional makeup beauty tips to transform your face instantly.


Your eyebrows are one of the most important features as they frame your face.

Natural brows

For perfectly groomed natural eyebrows, use an eyebrow brush to comb them upwards and outwards.  Then apply a light gel to slick them into place.

Eyebrow color

Eyebrow pencils or powder help define the shape of your eyebrows. Apply eyebrow powder with a fine brush, dusting it through your brows and blending in for a natural look.

Alternatively, use a well-sharpened eyebrow pencil and using light, feathery strokes, color in the natural shape of your eyebrows.  Use an eyebrow brush to soften the look.

Eye Liners

Eyeliners, whether liquid or pencil, define your eyes and make them stand out.

Our professional makeup beauty tip for applying eyeliner is to sit down at a table in good light.  With your elbow resting on the table to keep your hand steady, look down into the mirror and apply the liner as close as possible to your eyelashes.  You can also rest your little finger against your cheek for extra support.

Liquid liners

Liquid liners have a fluid consistency and generally come with a tiny brush for smooth application.  Look down into your mirror and apply the liquid liner as close to your eyelashes as possible.  Try to leave your eyes in this position for a few seconds to allow the eyeliner to dry.

Pencil liners

Pencil liners tend to be easier to use than liquid liners.  Ensure your pencil is well-sharpened and apply a feathery, soft line as close to your eyelashes as possible.  For a more defined look, apply a second fine line until you get the look you wanted to achieve.

For a smouldering look, use a cotton bud to smudge the pencil line.

Eye shadow as eyeliner

Another professional makeup beauty tip is to use your eye shadow as eyeliner.  Many eye shadows can be moistened for a professional finish.  Simply dampen a tiny brush with water, wipe across eye shadow then apply as close to the eyelashes as possible.  This look can be used on top and bottom lashes.

Mascara Magic

If there's one makeup product most women can't live without it's mascara!  Most mascaras are applied with a spiral wand to achieve the best results - long, lustrous lashes.

Applying mascara

Start by applying mascara to your upper lashes first.  Brush them downwards then brush them upwards from underneath to achieve a totally fabulous effect.  Use a tiny zig-zag motion to prevent mascara from clogging.

Next, use the tip of your mascara wand to brush your lower lashes using a side-to-side technique.

Comb through your eyelashes with an eyelash comb to prevent mascara from clumping your eyelashes together.

A professional makeup beauty tip is to gently dust a fine coating of loose face powder over your mascara before applying a second coat.

False eyelashes

The old-fashioned strip false eyelashes can look painfully obvious unless applied perfectly.

Individual eyelashes applied to the outer corners of your eyes gives a more natural appearance.  Dot a tiny drop of glue onto your eyelid and apply each lash with a pair of tweezers for a professional finish.

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Keep lashes smooth and supple by brushing them with petroleum jelly before going to bed at night.