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Professional Makeup Beauty Tips

The power of powder. . .

Face powder is a makeup artist's best friend, as it can make your skin look wonderful.  Our professional makeup beauty tips will help you fake a supermodel's complexion in front of your own mirror.

Here are 4 good reasons for putting on face powder:

  • Powder gives your skin a super-smooth sheen - with or without foundation.
  • It "sets" your foundation, so you look better for longer.
  • Powder absorbs the oil in your skin
  • It helps conceal open pores.

For a professional finish, you'll need two types of powder, a loose form and a powder compact for your handbag.

Loose Powder

Loose powder gives you the best and longest-lasting finish and is the choice of celebrity and model makeup artists.

The best way to apply loose powder is to dust it lightly on to your skin with a large, soft powder brush.  Then lightly brush over your face to dust off the excess.

Pressed Powder

Pressed powder compacts are ideal for carrying around in your handbag to touch-up during the day.

Most come with their own application sponges, but you'll find you get a better finish if you apply them with a brush.  Look for brushes with retractable heads to carry in your makeup bag.

If you do use a sponge, use a light touch and wash it regularly, or you'll transfer the oils in your skin onto the powder.

Choosing Your Color

Don't make the mistake of believing that one shade of powder suits everyone.  Instead, choose one that closely matches your skin tone for a natural effect.

Do this by dusting a little on your jawline, in the same way you would with foundation.  The shade that "disappears" into your skin is the one you want.

Professional Beauty Tip: When dusting excess powder from your skin, use your brush in light, downward strokes to help prevent the powder getting aught in the fine hairs on your face.  Pay particular attention to the sides of your face and jawline which aren't as easy to see.


Always blow-dry your hair before applying makeup so the warm air doesn't smudge it.