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How To Fake A Supermodel Complexion
by celebrity makeup artist
Remi Fleming

Most of us don't have the dollars or the do-wop to airbrush out our imperfections, so here are the makeup tips I use to fake a super complexion.

Choosing the right foundation for your skin type is just as important as choosing the correct shade.

Do you want a soft, dewy result or do you prefer a matt or semi-matt finish?  I love Dr Feelgood - a light balm that mattifies skin, which gives you full coverage without the shine or plastered-on look.

Your choice of makeup product depends on the type of skin you have.  Choose a moisturizing formula if your skin is dry or flaky or an oil-free formula if your skin is shiny and prone to break-outs.  Benefit Cosmetics non-fiction offers optimal hydration with the benefit of sun protection.

Test a few shades along your jawline - NOT the back of your hand - and choose the shade that disappears into your skin.

Smooth skin yields the best results, so prepare it before applying makeup.  Exfoliate if your skin is a little bumpy, then cleanse and moisturize.  Allow your moisturizer time to settle before applying foundation for a streak-free finish.

Start with a concealer under your eyes if you want to accentuate them (or camouflage too many late nights!)

Do your eyes need a wake-up call? Get 'em going with Benefit's famous fake-its for eyes!  

The easiest way to apply concealer is to dab a small amount on to the deepest part of the under-eye circle, then blend gently using your ring finger.

The secret to perfect looking foundation is to start small.  Apply a dab to your forehead, nose and chin and blend with a slightly damp sponge or your fingers.  Blend carefully until there are no visible lines, then add more to specific areas if needed.  Be sure to blend your foundation over your jawline towards your neck to prevent creating an "edge".

Framing Your Face

Like a painting, your face needs to be framed, so once you've applied your foundation, the next step is to accent your eyebrows and apply your blush.  This helps bring balance to your face and gives you a framework to work from.  Refer to eye makeup tips for help with your eyebrows.

To apply your blush, start at a point on your cheek midway between your eyes and blend upwards with gentle strokes using a quality blusher brush.  To give your face a natural tone, apply some color to the same areas of your face where the sunshine hits you - the tip of your nose, center of your chin and across the middle of your forehead.  The solution to a natural glow here is keep it minimal.

Start off with Benetint, the original and still the best rose-tinted cheek & lip stain. it's the sexiest flush you can get from a bottle.

Once you have your makeup "framework" applied, you can complete the look with eyeshadow and lipstick.  Read my eye makeup tips and lip makeup tips for more information.

Are You Cool Or Warm?

One of the secrets to getting a wow! makeup look that works is choosing makeup shades that complement your skin tone.

Take a look at the skin on your wrist - is it blue-white, or does it have a creamy tone?  Generally, if your skin is bluish-white, you will favor cool makeup tones - bluish pinks, blue-reds and blue-blacks; if your skin is creamy or dark, the warmer colors will  complement your tonings - apricots, brown-reds and brownish-blacks.

If you're still unsure, try out two shades of lipstick - one in a pinkish or maroon shade and another in a browner shade.  You'll usually find the shade that complements your skin tones will have a more natural complementary appearance.

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