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Skin Care Advice For Oily Skin

The fresh and natural approach to oily skin care.

If you have oily skin you will probably have open pores with an oily skin surface.  Your skin will have a tendency towards pimples and blackheads and will appear sallow.

This is due to the over-production of sebum by the oil glands under the skin.  Unfortunately this skin type is the one most prone to acne.  The good news is that this oiliness will make your skin appear much younger looking for longer.

The most effective way to care for oily skin is to use skin care products that gently cleanse away the surface oils and unblock pores without leaving the skin dry.


Use a gentle foaming cleanser and lather it up to remove dirt, grime and oil.  This is a better choice than soap as it won't strip away the moisture from your skin.  Massage gently over damp skin with your fingertips then rinse away with warm water.


Soak a cottonwool pad with a refreshing astringent lotion.  Sweep it over your face to refresh and soothe it.  If the lotion stings, dilute with witch hazel or mineral water.  Continue until the cottonwool pad comes up clean.


Yes, even oily skin need moisturizer, because a moisturizer helps seal water into the top layers of the skin to keep it smooth and soft.  Choose a light, watery fluid for best results.

Allow the moisturizer to soak into your skin then gently blot your face with a clean tissue to remove excess and prevent a shiny complexion.


Cottonwool balls soak up liquids like toner, so dampen with water first then squeeze out excess.