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Proactive Skin Care Advice For Normal Skin

Learn how to keep normal skin at its peak with our skin care advice.

Normal skin has a healthy glow with a fine texture and no open pores.  It tends to have a natural balance of oil and moisture levels, so the important thing is to keep normal skin functioning well.

Your normal skin care routine should include gentle cleansing to remove grime and makeup and to prevent a build-up of sebum.  Then you should boost moisture levels to protect and pamper your skin.


Splash your face with water then massage in a gentle facial wash and work it up into a lather.  Lightly massage your skin as this will boost circulation which means a rosier complexion.  Rinse away with warm water and pat dry with a soft towel.


Refresh and cool your skin with a mild facial tonerAvoid the delicate eye area as it is prone to drying out.


Smooth your skin with a mild moisturizing lotion.  Dot onto your face then massage in with your fingertips using light upward strokes.  This will leave a protective film on the skin and ensuring there is a balanced moisture content.



Dust blusher over your eyelids as an instant eye shadow. It will give a balanced look to your makeup.