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Soothing Sensitive Skin Care Advice

Sensitive skin care requires the gentlest skin care products to keep it healthy.

Sensitive skin is usually quite fine in texture with a tendency to redness and allergies.

Your skin care routine needs extra gentle products to prevent irritation and dryness, itchiness or even an allergic reaction.


Steer clear of facial washes and soaps as they can irritate your skin.  Choose a gentle hypo-allergenic facial skin cleansing lotion.

Massage into your skin gently then remove with plenty or warm water. Pat dry with a soft towel.


Even the mildest toners can break down the natural protection your delicate skin needs, so freshen it up by splashing it with warm water instead.  This will also remove the final traces of cleanser.


It's essential to keep sensitive skin well moisturized to strengthen it and provide a barrier against irritants that can lead to sensitivity.  Dryness can make sensitive skin even more irritated, so choose a light hypo-allergenic moisturizing lotion.



If you use hypo-allergenic makeup remember to use hypoallergenic nail polish too.