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Want a Second Opinion? Just Visit a Cosmetic Counter

By Wendy Reichental

I had an epiphany of sorts, and it began when I went for my annual checkup. I always dread going.

The appointment kicked off with the usual interrogation, and right there, after I was asked how I'm doing, is where I fell apart. When this question is asked I never know how to I carefully script my reply and claim everything is fine? Does my doctor really want to hear about my latest home and work challenges? So, I started by saying that I'm feeling stressed and still experience sadness at times. Even though I have a valid reason to feel this way, the doctor's concerned facial expression indicated otherwise, and a short talk about anti-depressants ensued. I listened attentively to what was being said knowing full well I should never have mentioned the "S" word.

In today's reality, admitting to having bouts of "sadness" is like admitting you are prone to drinking. Both illicit immediate reactions and require interventions for there to be any kind of hope for recovery. As my doctor continued with several Q & A's about my exercise regime, or rather lack thereof, and the dangers of my poor eating and sleeping habits, I began to feel just about discouraged and deflated enough to consider taking any antidote! I left the appointment wondering if this could be it for me; could my problems be neatly solved with a dose of medication, because I could not help but think this would be a bitter pill for me to swallow.

This brings me to last weekend and walking through a big chain department store trying to get past the endless barrage of cosmetic counters. I stopped at one to sample a perfume when the sales person asked innocently enough if she could help me. I told her half jokingly, how much does she charge? With two perfectly plucked raised brows she slowly released a smile and urged me to look around, and, if I was interested, she would love to show me a new product line guaranteed to give us women a lift. An eye lift apparently! She told me our eyes are the mirrors to our souls. Great, I had to visit the one counter being manned by Deepak Choprah!

She continued that a tired soul manifests itself around the eyes. Fortunately, symptoms of pesky dark circles, puffiness, creases, all can be targeted together and gone with the application of one microscopic size tube of eye serum. Upon use twice a day, the look of fatigue will be dramatically diminished when combined with an illuminating concealer with built-in wand. Handled much like plutonium, only trace amounts are required to be highly effective. In this case, from looking haggard and fraught with worry to appearing illuminated with dewy wide awake eyes. And it was true because I was already more alert as to how these two items would exceed my Visa card limit. Just as I was reconsidering, she urged me to take a seat and allow her to quickly demonstrate.

She gently tapped the gold dust items strategically around my eyes stopping only to stand back and admire the results thus far. She looked completely convinced, and the more excited she seemed to be, the more hopeful and excited I was becoming. After she was done she swirled me around. To my bewildered eyes, I saw a definite difference! Lines appeared remarkably smoother and my baggage seemingly less obvious. Whatever she was selling I was buying! Lastly, she suggested that I apply a more natural looking glossy lip to accentuate a softer look; thereby looking less sullen more relaxed and consequently much happier? This is almost too easy. I can't stop now! I'm given my consultant's card and encouraged without any hesitation to contact her with any questions, concerns or advice I might need to make these products work better for me. Then with a wink in her gleaming, eye she told me to take good care of myself, always look fabulous, and to radiate a positive spirit! In stark contrast to my emotions in my doctor's office when I felt totally defeated and disconcerted, I was now experiencing a surge of optimism skin deep. Perhaps the best prescription we can fill for ourselves involves believing in the possibilities, and investing in a good eye cream does not seem to hurt either!

About the Author:
Wendy Reichental is a graduate of McGill University with a B.A. and a Diploma in Human Relations and Family Life. After graduating, she decided to stay put and work at the University in the hopes it would keep her spirit young and always enlightened. She resides in Montreal and is married to a patient and kind man who doesn't mind sometimes being the comical inspiration for her stories. She writes a monthly column called Wendy's Foibles at