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Women- You Too Can Take Advantage of the
Global Marketplace!

by Juliette Sussman

We keep hearing that we live and work in a global marketplace; that the world of business is completely changing on a worldwide scale. Most of you reading this would think this does not concern you. What you should be asking yourself is, 'how does this really affect me?'

Most women typically believe globalization only concerns huge multi-national corporations like IBM or Wal-Mart wanting to lower their labor and manufacturing costs, and not the small business person.

Large businesses are not the only ones that can take advantage of the global marketplace! These massive changes today affect businesses of all sizes, and if you don't want to get left behind then you must learn how you can take advantage of this as well.

The bottom line is that no matter how large or small your business is you cannot afford to ignore that the world has opened up and that borders have begun to disappear in a myriad of ways. No matter what size, your business needs to compete, and it is the savvy business person that knows it!

If you try and battle that fact you will just be fighting a losing battle, and most importantly not staying competitive. The truth is that people will compete for your business whether they are around the corner or half way around the world and you need to learn how to take advantage of these changes before your competition does.

Global Business OpportunitiesWhen talking about competing on a global scale, you need to think about it in two different ways. First is using resources from all over the world to help build your business better, cheaper, and faster. The second is growing your target audience to not just the people in your own backyard or country, but selling your product or service to the whole world!

Believe it or not this is possible in almost every business out there; you just need to start thinking differently and start connecting!



The new learning curve for the new world:

Yes there is a new learning curve in figuring out how to work with people located all over the world and how this can help you directly. What people don't like to talk about is that people from every corner of the world will compete for your business, and will work just as hard if not harder and for a fraction of the cost because their living costs allow them to do so. Some people want to ignore this because its 'hurting' jobs at home. But if you ignore these changes then it will be you who loses out.

For workers in our own backyard, it's their job and all our jobs to become educated on where our world is headed. We all need to learn what jobs can and can't be outsourced. There are great discussions and books on this subject that all people should read (see below for book recommendations). If you are not educated on this you will be the one that may be in trouble because you will still be in the 'old world' way of doing things. People that are succeeding are learning how to work in this new world, and how these changes can directly help them instead of getting surprised by it in the future and playing catch up.

Running your company the new way:

The whole idea of globalization is truly remarkable because it allows you to do things in your business you would have never been able to before. Within the last 6-8 years since the Internet revolution, areas of the world that you could not connect to before have become wired, which has opened up millions and millions of workers to get online and offer their services.

It has truly never been easier to take advantage of starting or running your company at considerably lower costs than you thought! For example, you can have products made for you in China, your accounting done in India, and your design for your website done in Estonia. This is possible because the Internet can connect the world in a way we have never seen before. This is truly amazing, because with a quick e-mail you can easily be talking to someone halfway around the world about your project needs. You can use Skype to call people for free (if they have Skype as well or it's a small charge) and you can use Paypal to easily pay for services rendered.

To start figuring out how you can benefit, begin to take a look at resources online in ways you may not have though of before. Dissect your current business model or new business idea and ask yourself, 'What are ways I can do this differently, and take advantage of the open world.' Start searching for ways to outsource areas that fit your business model. You will be shocked at what you find online with people and companies catering to your every need.

With resources that you can find online, you can locate just about anyone to help you with what you are doing at much lower costs because you are looking in a much larger pool than ever before.

Globalization is a remarkable change to the way we do business and not something we can ignore because it's happening and happening faster than you think. Companies large and small are looking all over the world at ways they can do things better and cheaper, and faster and so can you!

Get online and start connecting to people all over the world on ways you can make your company better.

Book Recommendations: (available at bookstore)

A Whole New Mind
By Daniel H. Pink

The World Is Flat
By Thomas L. Friedman

About the Author:
Juliette Sussman is an energetic entrepreneur having launched multiple companies and products on a global scale. In her free time she enjoys writing and helping other women realize their dreams in starting and running their own companies. To contact Juliette or learn more about how she can help you go to