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Top Fashion & Beauty Dos and Don'ts This Summer

by B. “La La” Sosanya

Hello Gorgeous!

The dreadful cold weather days are finally over, and here comes the beautiful sunshine. While we are all getting ready for the warm and blissful weather ahead, there are some fashion and beauty measures to adhere to for a more Savvy You.

Both you and I know, with so many fashion secrets and trends to keep up with as every season rolls by, there are definitely some you should keep on the top of your list while others should go out the window. So this summer, I have come up with a list that will keep you fresh, fashion-fearless, fashion-forward, and fabulous.

Summer Goal: Be yourself while you compliment your beauty from within.


1. Don't wear lipstick that is cheaply made or may bleed down your lips. A little bit of shine is all you need on a hot summer day.

2. Don't wear makeup that is too crème-based. Choose more beneficial makeup foundation such as water, organic, or mineral-based products. These products will give you a more effortless presentation.

3. Don't wear a swimsuit that isn't figure-flattering. Try picking a size larger than you normally would wear. Do not reveal too much if you're not comfortable with what is exposed.

4. Don't leave the house without shaving your legs if they are exposed. No matter how much you may try to hide it, people will notice.

5. Don't go outside without applying SPF 30 facial moisturizer or lotion against UVA and UVB rays to prevent skin damage and aging.


1. Do own a couple of strapless bras for your hot summer tops. You will need them for your strapless blouses and tube tops.

2. Do make a free-flowing print short or long dress your choice for strolls to the park, lunch with the girls, or even for a picnic with friends and families.

3. Do add big, chunky, and bold layered necklaces to your wardrobe this summer.

4. Do buy at least one nice oversized pair of sunglasses. They are still the hottest eyewear gear today.

5. Do add colors into your wardrobe this summer. Colors like yellow, green, and blue are a must. The brighter they are, the hotter you'll look in them. Just remember to coordinate bright colors with darker color choices.

These are a few Dos and Don'ts that will keep you out of fashion disaster this summer. Remember, if you are not comfortable with the way it fits, it's probably not the best choice. So, by following this list, you will surely stand out as the gorgeous Savvy Woman you already are!

About the author:

Bolanle 'La La'' Sosanya is a fashionista, fashion designer, freelance model, aspiring author, entrepreneur, and resident physician who has admiration for fashion and books. Her previous experience as a writer and columnist has prepared her towards the upcoming of her beauty secrets book. Her passion for fashion has also driven her to start her fashion collection to debut this summer at her new website, For updated information, contact B. "La La" Sosanya at