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Earrings for Every Face

Just as we choose certain fashion styles to suit our body shape, so too can we choose earrings to suit our face shape...

For every woman, there are right and wrong earrings to wear. What can be flattering for one face shape may be a fright on another. Just as a layered longer bob looks great on long face, it doesn't show much compliment on a round.

Here are the golden rules for selecting earrings that complement one of the six basic face shapes: square, round, heart-shaped, long, wide, and oval.

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Round Face

CelebrityLean, long, angular and curvy lines give a look of length to a round face. Avoid circles. A round face needs earrings with length to elongate it. A drop earring works best in shapes that are also soft like a teardrop. Selma does just that with gorgeous asscher cut earrings.
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Heart-shaped Face

CelebrityLovely heart-shaped faces have slightly small pointy chins. Balance this shape out with teardrop earrings, or ovals with mini chains. Beyonc' shows this look off her lovely heart shape with these extravagant earrings.
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Long Face


For a long face pick extra large chandelier earrings with lots of volume. For an extra touch choose earrings with a combination of round and square shapes. Terri Hatcher does just that with these gorgeous enhanced chandeliers!
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Wide Face

Celebrity For a wider face, always consider cascading earrings to create the illusion of a longer look. A great way is to wear sleek, flat earrings or ovals! Nothing too bulky. Drew shows off this secret wearing detailed circles.
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Oval Face

Celebrity Anyone with an oval face is a lucky girl! It suits any style of earrings. A key note to remember is to keep the size of the earring in balance to the size of the person. Soft shapes such as pearls, tear drops, circles, and ovals are the best. Charlize is one of the lucky girls. Try simple splendid studs for her look.
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Square Face

Celebrity Angular shapes with rounded edges soften the contours of a square face. Proportionately medium-long sized styles are best. Paris has done just that with these coin dangles.
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