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Your Fashion Signature: Making A Statement And Sticking To Your Fashion Budget

by Susan Koefod

You’ve done the stay-cation. You’ve cut back on your manicures. You’ve been eating in more and eating out less, holding yourself to one skinny latte every other day. Pat yourself on the back, the scrimping and saving has rewarded you with a few extra dollars, and the season has just changed.

How can you stretch your fashion budget and get some hot new looks for fall? It’s all about finding, and expressing, your fashion signature.

Fashion Signature

You can make a statement without breaking the bank. Before you head to the mall, do a little research to discover your fashion signature. It’s as easy as looking around your workplace, whether you work in a corporation or are a stay-at-home mom. As you roam the halls with your coworkers or run to the playground with your toddler, pay attention to the colors and textures that attract you.

Are you drawn to vibrant colors? Is texture your thing? Who is your favorite artist or musician, and what do they say about your style?

Who are the fashion icons from your everyday life? In my case, I think of a favorite aunt who had such a vibrant style and joie de vivre that everyone was drawn to her. Even in her 70’s, she dressed in ball gowns and applied glittery, perfumed lotions to her bare skin. A little racy, but always fun, she truly had a fashion signature.

Keep a scrapbook of your favorite looks. Then peer in your closet and dream a little. What could you add to your wardrobe that would make your fashion signature distinct? A soft, cashmere sweater? A fitted navy jacket? A paisley maxi-skirt? Or something else? Armed with this knowledge, you’re ready for the next step.


Accessories can add that missing signature to your wardrobe. A colorful silk or woven scarf. A wide tapestry belt. A chunky metal bracelet studded with semi-precious stones. A pair of patent-leather red pumps. A designer outfit can swallow your fashion budget and say absolutely nothing about who you are. What really makes a statement is the flourish, and your fashion signature, expressed in the right accessory, is all about flourish.

Go Retro

Sometimes, finding your fashion signature means looking backward, rather than forward. Vintage clothing offers a different shape to your wardrobe, maybe the one it’s been missing. Consider the trapeze dress, the A-line dress, clingy 60’s mini-skirts, folkie skirts. Being born too late isn’t an excuse to avoid the calling of your fashion signature.

A tight fashion budget doesn’t mean you have to cut back on style. Just keep your fashion signature in mind and get out there and make a statement.

About the Author:
When she is not too busy scanning the clearance racks or clipping coupons, Susan Koefod is sipping double lattes and busy working on her other writing projects. She can be located via