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Savvy Fashion Tips - Affordable Updating

by Pat Jacobs

Here are seven easy (and inexpensive) ways to update and get out of a fashion rut:

1. Look and observe different-from-yours style images. Check out fashion magazines, watch VH-1, MTV, or a fashion-oriented cable show ("What Not To Wear", for example).

2. Expand your possibilities. Explore stores, store departments, and shops other than your usual ones (you don't have to abandon your regular stops; you're just adding to them.)

Affordable Updating3. Get a new, different hairdo (or haircut). But be realistic; get something attainable, that your hair, skin tone, (and features!) are capable of carrying off.

4. One of the best ways to update your wardrobe (if you can only buy one or two new things) is to buy a pair of the latest shoes, or just get new shoes, period. They should be different from any pair you already have, and ones you can wear often.  You'll automatically look "with it".

5. Get one new, complete outfit. Make it one that's immediately useful and ideally, is composed of pieces that you can also wear with others in your current wardrobe.

6. Continue to look for and buy a few fresh pieces, gradually replacing your old ones. If you do this last step as an ongoing procedure, you'll never be in a fashion rut again. Your wardrobe
will always be a continuing work in progress. 

For those of you who are very budget-minded (or cheap!) a good quality thrift shop is a great
alternative to a traditional department store. Contrary to popular belief, most clothes here were never worn; they're often new overstocks from that ritzy department store that you were getting ready to blow hundreds of dollars on. And you'll find name brands for a fraction of their actual price; I now own an original Calvin Klein tote bag for only $3.00! 

7. Another great place to find bargain clothes, shoes and accessories is the online auction sites. Overstock Auctions has one of the best online auction sites available, particularly because they are WAY cheaper than the "other" auction site. Check them out and see what you can find!

An important skill that matters in regard to ANY fashion trend is being able to manipulate clothes intentionally to look the age you want to "be" for any given occasion.

About the Author:
Pat Jacobs currently produces and reports on "The World Of 1960s Music", a Yahoo blog, and also writes feature fashion articles for other sites.