Savvy womens Magazine


The Ideal Look For Your Figure Type

by our resident stylist Pat Jacobs


Here's an overall guide for five figure types as to what is going to give you va-va-voom!

If you're CURVY ALL OVER --

Your jackets should be: straight-cut, slight nip at the waist, fingertip length, subtle with natural shoulder padding, flat textures, and single-breasted.
Pants should be: flat front, zip at the side or back, straight, loose cuts, no cuffs, and flat textures.
Tops: tailored, boatnecks, high necks, length a bit below the belt, keep it neat, not sloppy or oversize.
Skirts: subtly pegged, flat front, side or back zip, no waistband, sits on your hips, and flat textures.
Dresses: nipped-waist sheath, single-breasted coatdress, softly belted, easy-fitting slip dress.
Swimsuit: high neckline, tank or tankini, built-in bra, matte finish, small print on a dark background, and 18%-plus spandex.

If you have a BOYISH figure --

Jackets should be: curvy cut, rounded hips, midhip length, thick textures are OK, but are not a must, belted style, double-breasted's OK but also not a must.
Pants: can wear almost any pleats, thicker textures are OK, but again, not a must, can wear hip-huggers.
Tops: thick textures, halters, cowls, wraps, lengths just past your waist.
Skirts: pencil, pleats, A-line, and wraps
Dresses: easy-fitting halters, shirtwaists, bathrobe wraps, trench dresses, slip dresses, coat dresses, and empire waistlines.
Swimsuits: colored panel or shirring at waist, contrasting panels on side of the torso, boy bottoms, shiny finishes, and thick textures.

If you're SMALL-BUSTED --

Your jackets should be: curvy cut and nipped at the waist, double-breasted's OK but not a must, can wear breast pockets, thick textures are OK, but also not a must.
For pants, you can wear anything!
Tops: thick textures, halters, cowls, should be a lighter color than pants or bottoms, open necks, breast pockets, and safari-inspired.
For skirts, you can wear just about anything!
Dresses: safari-inspired, bathrobe wraps, cheongsams, coat dresses, trench dresses, and chemises.
Swimsuits: lighter top than the bottom, texture, detail, contrast color at the bustline, criss-cross construction at bustline.

For those of you with a PROMINENT TUMMY --

Your best jackets would be: fingertip or past hip length, an easy fit that you can wear buttoned, and flat textures.
Pants: flat front, zip at the side or back, easy fits, not tight, and flat textures.
Tops: hipbone length or longer, lean through the sides of the torso, and no elastic-hemmed tops.
Skirts: flat front, side or back zip, pegged, wrap, A-line, and flat textures.
Dresses: matching coat/sheath ensemble, matching dress/long jacket ensemble, trench dresses, safari-inspired, and easy-fitting sheaths.
Swimsuits: dark bottoms/lighter or brighter tops, a tankini if the top reaches the top curve of your tummy, matte finish, and 18%-plus spandex.

For SIZE 16+ --

The ideal jackets for you are: hip-passing length, structured, with a subtle nip at the waist, single-breasted, flat textures, a lighter shade worn over monochromatic shades.
Pants: flat front, drapey fabric with some flow, not too narrow, and flat textures.
Tops: best lengths are hip-passing or just above widest part of the hips, high necks, elbow-length sleeves, and monochromatic with bottom piece.
Skirts: narrow cuts, slightly pegged, narrow wraps, inch-above-knee length, flat front, side or back zip, and flat textures.
Dresses: coatdresses, tailored wraps, matching coat/long jacket ensemble, trench dresses, and easy-fitting sheaths.
Swimsuits: classic tanks, color or detail emphasis at the neck or shoulder, small print on a dark background, and 18% plus spandex.

And here are 12 absolute facts every savvy woman should know:

1. Dark colors are slimming (It's true! They can take off at least five pounds).

2. Pleated skirts are fattening (Also true! If you're VERY skinny, they'll still make you look much bigger than you actually are).

3. Ankle-strap shoes make your legs look chunkier and you look shorter. The shoes may make your FEET look great, but that's it.

4. Ankle boots worn with any skirt or dress will also have the same effect.

5. Beefy textures will make you look bulky and "beefed up".

6. Shiny finishes will highlight and spotlight all your bumps and bulges or problem areas you may have; NOT a good thing (unless you have a BOYISH figure).

7. Monochromatic outfits (clothes that are all in one color or are shades of one color) are more minimizing than ones that mix colors.

8. A slim knee-length skirt that's slightly pegged looks better than one that's dead-straight. Lycra helps.

9. Your legs will look longer when the hemline, stockings (or pantyhose), and shoes match or are in the same shades or tones of one color. If you wish to vary one item, it should be the dress or skirt.

10. The no. 1 universally flattering item is a fingertip-length tailored business jacket with subtly padded shoulders, torso-skimming fit, and gently tapered waist.

11. Your swimsuit size will always be up to three times bigger than your usual clothing.

12. Really wide hair makes you look shorter, but really straight hair won't necessarily make you look taller.