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How To Wear Summer's Fashion With Flair

If the thought of all that exposed skin during the summer months makes you shudder, here are our tips for how to wear the hottest 2007 summer looks with style.

Accessories Are Big

The trend this summer is accessorize, accessorize, accessorize. That means lots of thick, chunky bangles, bright scarves, strings and strings of beads of any shape or size and brightly colored shoes and handbags.

Emitations have taken up the challenge and produced a fabulous array of bangles and beads to complement any summer outfit.

And their prices will astound you. 

Boho Skirts

Skirts this summer are just on or below the knee in a wild assortment of prints and patterns. Sure, there were plenty of micro-minis on the catwalks this summer, but if you're over 18, my suggestion is opt for something more stylish.

The boho look was big with plenty of washed rayon, linen and cotton, featuring assymetrical or handkerchief hemlines, which beautifully camouflage heavy hips.

Team your flirty skirt with a plain colored soft linen or cotton top for casual chic. 

Super Sandals

You couldn't possibly overlook the bright hues of summer sandals and shoes this season.  Sandals are dressed up with bows, jewels and all sorts of embellishments.  Bronze is a hot look for summer shoes and goes with just about anything. 

The Lingerie Look

Whether you fancy the underwear as outwear look or not, this summer brings out the strappy slip dresses and slinky lingerie fabrics. 

No matter what your shape or size, the look of lingerie-inspired pieces is sultry and sexy.  Go for soft, flowing cotton or linen draw-string pants and lace embroidered tops, or try a satin sculptured corset top.

If modesty is more your style, wear a lace summer shirt over your top, or try one of the summer ponchos for something different.  Read our article Women's Fashion Ponchos if you think they are a thing of the past!

Summer is the time to get saucy and feel the sun on your face, so no matter what your preference, get outside and get some summer style!