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Set Sail With
Women's Cruise Wear

Whether you're sailing the Bahamas or relaxing poolside, women's cruise wear is the hottest fashion look this season.

It's that time of year when it's time to set sail and cruise the Bahamas, or witness the splendor of the Alaskan wilderness on a luxury cruise liner. 

No matter where you plan to cruise, the women's cruise wear you take with you will ensure you turn heads - ship or shore-side.

Pack Easy

You don't want to waste your precious vacation time figuring out what to wear, so make it easy on yourself. With a streamlined approach, you can look chic and comfortable at the same time.

Think mix-and-match, with a basic wardrobe of simple, easy-care fabrics in the basics - black, white, beige and denim.  Then select separates like tops, scarves and accessories that you can use to dress up or down.

Look for fabrics that don't crush and require minimum care.  Linen is a great summer fabric but requires ironing to look its best - are you up to spending all that time behind an ironing board?

Don't be afraid to introduce some of the sassy new summer colors - orange, citrus, lime in your accessories.  They blend beautifully with the blue ocean backdrop.

Cruise Rules

At least one sarong is essential cruise wear.  You can wear it over your swimsuit going to and from the pool or beach, or dress it up with a tank top for cocktail hours drinks. 

A wide brimmed hat is another essential cruise wear item.  A gorgeous black or natural colored straw hat looks great with almost any outfit and protects your face from the sun.

Strappy sandals look great with your vacation tanned legs.  Sandals and women's flipflops are a hot summer item and come in a range of bright colors for summer fun.  And don't forget the self-tanning spray if you don't want to risk the reflected rays damaging your skin.

Pack at least one pair of evening shoes - there's always plenty of night time activity on a cruise and you want to dazzle.

The little black dress is another women's cruise wear special.  You can dress it up or down with whatever accessories you choose.  Lots of bright bangles and sassy sandals or co-ordinating tones for a more subtle approach.

Lightweight knit cardigans and shrugs are a hot look this summer season and can be essential when those evening breezes whip up.  You can toss your cardigan over your shoulders, layer it with tank tops, or wear it on its own with a long skirt or tailored trousers.

A big, bright tote bag is a great idea for days ashore.  Make sure you pick one that zips up to secure all your essentials.

Women's cruise wear is fun and flirty and being on vacation is a time to relax, so match your wardrobe with your happy state of mind and have some fun!

- OM.