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The Plus Size Women's Clothing Revolution

Fact: Over 65 million American women wear size 12 and up.

It wasn't all that long ago that plus size women were condemned to wearing out-sized print shifts and baggy, unattractive clothing. Fashion designers largely ignored this segment of the market and the plus sized stock was usually relegated to the deepest darkest corners of department stores.

Not so nowadays. Plus size women's clothing has come of age and curvy women are now able to celebrate their curves in sexy, hip, even way cool, top-end fashion.

Oprah Winfrey, Queen Latifah, Kirstie Alley and Camryn Manheim have ushered in a new age of plus size women who take pride in their bodies, and who aren't afraid to adapt the most cutting edge fashion trends to suit their not-quite-size-6 figures.

Many of the old taboos about what is acceptable for a plus size woman have been quashed, replaced by styling and design features to equal anything you can view on the reed-thin catwalk models. Online plus size women's stores like, whose slogan is "Be BOLD and SEXY because you can", have a fabulous array of tops, pants, skirts and lingerie that is bright, bold, sexy and above all, stylish.

Gone are the outsized sacks that plus size women were forced to wear only a few years ago, replaced by flirty, feminine styles or bold, geometric patterns in a dazzling array of colors.

The tops featured in the Spring/Summer range at are cutting-edge trendy, with assymetrical cuts and flattering designs featuring strongly. Their range of dresses for this season includes soft floaty fabrics that skim the body and strappy dresses showing lots of bare skin, once considered taboo for the larger size woman.

Another once taboo topic - plus size lingerie - is now a huge seller with lingerie designers finally getting the message that even larger sized women want to look sexy as well as comfortable. Jeanine Browne, owner of, says "Plus size women want practical plus sexy lingerie. They have to shop online because very often they can't find what they're looking for anyplace else. Good quality plus size lingerie offers them underwired support and elasticized straps as well as being sexy and luxurious." She went on to say, "Where a woman will shop online for lingerie for something special, a plus size woman can look special and sexy every day with the range of lingerie now available".

By the end of 2005, American women are estimated to have spent almost $15 billion in online fashion, so it's not surprising that fashion designers and retailers are looking at the plus size market for a large proportion of the revenue resulting from sales. With the plus size women's clothing market the fastest growing apparel industry segment today, the ultimate winners are us, the plus size women of the world. Rejoice in the plus size women's fashion revolution!

- OM.