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Greetings! My name is Kristi Cousins, co-owner of Fitness Beauty Spa & the Feierabend Bath & Body Shop. Would you like to know the secret to attaining vibrant beauty, a lean sexy body & a stress-free enjoyable life? The answer is quite simple, really - start living the Home Spa Lifestyle!

Just what is the Home Spa Lifestyle you ask? Generally it is an extension of the Resort Spa experience. If you've ever visited a Resort Spa, you know that their services include fitness & nutritional guidance, beauty instruction and treatments, lifestyle counseling, massage and just about everything there is to relax and pamper you.

Fitness Beauty Spa will show you how to make the luxurious Home Spa Experience a part of your everyday life through comprehensive guidance on Skin Care, Hair Care and Home Spa Regimens; Lifestyle Improvements via Exercise, Nutrition, Stress Management and Success Strategies; and our exclusive collection of organic and naturally derived bath and body products, Feierabend!

Once you have the correct information, you'll be able to make positive, lasting changes in your life. The problem is that when people are faced with information overload, most people will quit and do nothing. Give people a few changes to make and they usually do it. Give them twelve changes to make and they do nothing at all. So the paradox is this:

To make major changes in your body composition and overall health, you must make major, permanent changes in your lifestyle, BUT you have to take it in small steps.

Before you even think about diets, exercise routines or weight loss pills, start with what I call 'The Big Three'. I've been neck-deep in the fields of fitness, health, performance, nutrition and exercise for over twenty years now. I've heard many varied opinions on most issues and have personally tried just about every diet, exercise routine and supplement ever devised, so I'm always intrigued when common themes appear. When it comes to living longer and healthier, the theme is very clear and stupidly simple.

1. Don't smoke

2. Don't get fat

3. Stay active

Let's take a closer look at each of these painfully obvious yet often neglected recommendations:

1) Don't smoke: Easy enough. If you do smoke, quit. Not so easy, to be sure, but do it'''or die early and miserable. Think of all the wonderful Feierabend Bath & Body products you could afford if you stopped fellating the little Freudian death sticks.

2) Don't get fat: This is the toughie. It takes a lifestyle change, not a 'diet". In this immediate gratification society, this is the one that will haunt us and kill our children. But it can be done. You just have to separate yourself from the fatted flock of willfully ignorant sheep that graze in North America and do something.

3) Stay active: The more I research this, the more I realize that it doesn't really take all that much activity to be healthy. A walk a day for the rest of your life will add years and quality to those years. Of course I prefer weight training to create an OPTIMAL physique, but for longevity, obesity avoidance, and general good health, a lousy 20-30 minute walk a day works wonders for the general population. It's mind-numbingly simple.

The above three steps may sound simple, but it's glaringly apparent that most individuals aren't following these basic principles. YOU really do have the power to control YOUR health & happiness. One of the main problems most people seem to be encountering in their effort to live healthier & happier is a lack of one very vital component - relaxation.

Relaxation is one of the most important parts of the Home Spa Lifestyle. Wouldn't it be nice if you could enjoy the pampering spa experience in the privacy and comfort of your own home? Imagine your bathtub filled with warm water, bubbles, fresh cut rose petals and aromatic essential oils - candles gently flickering around the bathtub with mood music softly playing in the background. A time to relax and reconnect with your inner soul.

You absolutely need to take time out for yourself. If you just said, 'Yeah right, I've got four kids, two dogs, and a husband', then please, you REALLY need this advice. Believe me, if you don't make some time for yourself, then there will come a day when you are so stressed that something involving a prison sentence as punishment may seem like a viable option!

Ok, now that we've established that you will make some time for yourself, here's the plan. I highly suggest uninterrupted bathroom time. Let me stress 'uninterrupted'. If you have to threaten family members with bodily harm or lock the bathroom door, that's just fine - you are not to be disturbed. If you can only get 1 hour on a Sunday evening, that's fine. I speak from experience - even an hour will refresh you down to your bones!

Once you've got your 'personal space', you'll be ready for part 2 of this article ' 'The Ultimate Home Spa Experience!' I'll share with you a weekly routine that when performed, will rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit - and give you silky smooth skin to boot. You'll wonder how you ever made it without this wonderfully relaxing Home Spa routine!

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About the Author:
Kristi Cousins is the co-owner of Feierabend Bath & Body Shop