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The Perfect Anti-Aging Remedy -
A Non Surgical Face Lift

How does a weekend at beautiful and historic Cape Cod sound?  What if your weekend package included the latest healthy alternative to a surgical face lift?

Non surgical face lift technologyThe new Ultra Sonic Facial, offered at the Spa at the Dan'l Webster Inn, uses a machine that dramatically rejuvenates the skin and is suitable for all skin types.

Each facial is personally customized for the condition of your skin, whether it be acne, matured or pigmented.

The Derma Sound Plus uses ultrasound technology in a three stage system that effectively exfoliates the skin, provides molecular penetration and healing micro-amp therapy to combat aging skin, reduce wrinkles and control hyperpigmentation.

The low-frequency sound waves are able to penetrate deeper than microdermabrasion without injury to the skin or harsh chemicals.  This nonsurgical face lift technique uses heavy water to remove the micro-thin damaged layer of skin and stimulates the deeper skin cells, which leaves your skin glowing with health.

Ultrasound peeling is pain-free, the procedure lasts about an hour and there is no down-time, either before the treatment or afterwards.

To find out more about the latest in non-surgical face lift treatments, go to, click on the Spa link, then Facials.