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Musings from our humor columnist
Kathy Wooton M.D.

Savvy Women Magazine is delighted to have Kathleen Wooton M.D. as our featured humor columist.

Kathy describes herself as a self-styled humorist and resides on the east coast of the USA.

When she is not fulfilling her other roles as physician, wife, mother and pet owner, she likes to write about what she describes as "the re-evaluation of some of the time honored traditions" of women in today's complex world.

Kathy has already written and published articles for many other online and offline publications, so I'm proud to have her as part of the Savvy Women's Magazine team.

In her own words:

"Now, I'm sure you're wondering why your publication needs the work of of a forty-something year old physician slash mother slash wife slash humorist. Well, it all boils down to one thing, really. Take that person out of her office, trap her in a house with two kids, two dogs, seven birds (five of which can talk), and only let her out for occasional airings, and you get some mighty fine works of humor, worthy of publication. WHY?

Because in such an environment, I can either find the humor, laugh and write about it, or I can let it out in other ways, ways involving unflattering orange jumpsuits and an unacceptable loss of personal freedom. Then, the only notoriety I will have will be on Court TV's Forensic Files, and that's just not how I care to leave my mark."

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