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Getting Married In Las Vegas - Romantic, Convenient,
Or Just Plain Fun

Why do 120,000 couples get married in Las Vegas each and every year?

Oh, Las Vegas - Sin City and Gambling Capital of the World; some people even call it the Entertainment Capital of the World, although cities like New York and Los Angeles may have reasonable claims to that title too.

However, nobody disputes that Las Vegas really is the Wedding Capital of the World - with 120,000 weddings and wedding renewals taking place there every year, which simply dwarfs other popular destination wedding places like Hawaii (20,000 weddings), Jamaica (5,000), or the Bahamas (4,000). 

In this article, I'll share information and tips on how to plan your Las Vegas wedding, how to secure services of the best wedding planners and coordinators in the city, and how to create both a truly memorable wedding ceremony and reception.

What's really so special about Las Vegas?

Many people, both young and old (some famous, with Elvis Presley as a great example), go to Las Vegas because it is the city where they can get married in 5 minutes at a drive-thru wedding chapel or in a small chapel with Elvis overseeing the ceremony.

So, if you want to get married quickly, and you're open to something different, this can be perfect. However, Las Vegas also has much more to offer as the "Wedding Capital of the World".



Here are some of the many reasons why 120,000 wedding ceremonies take place in Vegas each year:

  •  the best value for the money - Las Vegas wedding packages can be as expensive as you like, but there are many affordable options, and the fact is it can be cheaper to have a nice wedding and reception in Las Vegas than in your home city. For example, while most US weddings average $22,000, a complete wedding ceremony, including Elvis, can be had for a few hundred dollars in Las Vegas.
  •  no waiting is necessary - at many of the best wedding chapels in Las Vegas, if you're in a hurry, it can be done almost instantly!
  •  convenience - hire a professional wedding planner or a hotel/casino's wedding coordinator, and everything will be prepared perfectly - quickly and at good price. You can get married at the hotel where you're staying and start your honeymoon immediately.
  •  lots of entertainment - Las Vegas is also the "Entertainment Capital of the World." So, it is guaranteed that you won't have more fun anywhere else! Also, it's the best place to have a bachelor or bachelorette party.
  •  incredible number of wedding ceremony and reception options - from the traditional to a themed Star Trek party to a cheap, but memorable, wedding in a drive-thru chapel!
  •  start your new life in luxury and glamour - Las Vegas has some of the most elegant hotels, casinos, and country clubs in the world, and, with over 320 sun filled days a year, the natural surroundings really take your breath away. Start your honeymoon, take a day trip to Red Rock Canyon or the Valley of Fire, try your luck at the casinos, go to the shows, play golf, swim in the pool, or just relax with your new husband or wife. There are so many wonderful and exciting options to choose from.

What will you need to get married in Las Vegas?

Many couples go to Las Vegas to get married because they can do it there very quickly. However, a Las Vegas wedding ceremony must conform to Nevada laws to be considered legal.

In order to have a legal marriage, you need two things: a marriage license and a wedding ceremony.

A ceremony must be performed in the State of Nevada within one year from the date of issuance of a marriage license by any person licensed or authorized to perform ceremonies in the state. The ceremony may be performed in any Wedding Chapel, Church, or the Civil Marriage Commissioner's Office. These marriages are recognized throughout the world.

Marriage licenses in Nevada do not require either a blood test or waiting period, and no appointment is necessary.

If you buy your Marriage license in Las Vegas, go to the Marriage Bureau, 201 Clark Avenue, Las Vegas. Both parties must appear in person with proof of identity (photo ID). The fee will be $55.00 (cash only). A marriage license will be issued immediately.

As an option, you can now complete your marriage license application online. To do so, click here.

Requirements for U.S. and non U.S. citizens are the same. Non U.S. citizens should check with their local officials for special documents that may be needed to ensure that the marriage will be recognized in their country.

Applicants must be a Male and a Female, at least 18 years of age, not nearer of kin than second cousins or cousins of half blood, and not having a husband or wife living. They may be required to prove their age. Those not having acceptable identification to prove age may be refused a marriage license. Importantly, there must be at least one additional witness other than the person performing the ceremony. This can be Elvis.

Most popular themed Las Vegas weddings

Go for glamour, go for excitement, go for the stunning view, or go for something really different - so that you remember the most important moment of your life forever. Las Vegas can deliver all of that - like no other city in the world... But which of the famous themed weddings would you choose? If you participated in one of these already - as a bride, groom, guest, etc. ' remember how you liked it?

Las Vegas wedding receptions

While the wedding itself is obviously key to this most important of all days, it's really not the Las Vegas ceremonies that are getting most of everyone's attention today - it's the wedding receptions or wedding parties. Las Vegas wedding receptions have become very special because of the entertainment and catering available in the city. You can rent a whole restaurant with the most magnificent food, or rent a banquet room at one of the hotels and have the food brought in by the finest catering companies. You can hire singers, dancers, magicians, or stand up comedians to entertain your guests - whatever your heart desires, and whatever you can afford.

So now, there's only one last question to ask.
Should you have your wedding in Las Vegas?
The resounding answer is Yes - BECAUSE YOU DESERVE IT!

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