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Book Review:
How To Survive Your Marriage

By hundreds of happy couples who did. . .

*and some things to avoid, from a few ex-spouses who didn't'

"Sharing the remote and deciding what we're watching on the tube is a huge point of  contention between me and husband.  I like "The World's Craziest Police Chases" while my husband prefers "Charlie Rose."   There is no sharing of the clicker in this family, only prying it out of tight fingers...and we refuse to get another TV because we want to watch together.  Luckily, my husband doesn't watch sports and doesn't mind watching Jerry Springer as long as we're holding hands."
Atlanta, Georgia

So many advice books are written by only one, at best, two authors.  No matter how smart or expert their advice may be, you are limited to their knowledge and experience.

Not so with How To Survive Your Marriage.  It's a funny, thought-provoking, instructive, poignant and honest account by hundreds of couples worldwide who have shared their experiences - good and bad - in this book.

"This book grew out of the simple idea that when you're facing any of life's major challenges - like deciding whether to say two simple words like 'I do' - it's good to get advice from people who have 'been there, done that' " write editors and husband and wife team Lori Banov Kaufmann and Yadin Kaufmann, happily married for 22 years.

Whether you're about to take the plunge or have been married for many years, How To Survive Your Marriage has something to offer everyone, including:

  • Getting engaged - tips on low-stress wedding planning

  • Playing house - fun ways to build your nest together

  • Learning how to communicate - more is definitely better

  • Money matters - stop arguing and start saving

  • Dealing with the in-laws - learn to pick your battles and keep the peace

  • Kids - tips on expanding your family without sacrificing your romance

  • Balancing work and play - how to make it all come together and still find time for sex!

With so many interviewees, you'll find vastly different points of view on the same topic, which makes it all the more fun, and easier for you to pick which bits of advice suit you.

According to Lori and Yadin, "Being married is one of the most difficult things you can do: It will test the limits of your compassion, your ability to compromise and communicate, your parenting style, your very sense of self.  But, of course, marriage is also one of life's most rewarding journeys. Our advice: Don't go it alone."

About the Authors:
Husband and wife team Lori Banov Kaufmann and Yadin Kaufmann have been married for 22 years.  They met at Princeton and, with their mutual love of adventure and books, have written four books together, including "The Boston Ice Cream Lover's Guide."  They have an ongoing collaboration of parenting their four children.

How To Survive Your Marriage is published by Hundreds of Heads Books, Inc.  This is the fourth title in the Hundreds of Heads Survival Guide series.