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What Does 40 REALLY Look Like?


Why didn't someone tell me how high-maintenance getting older would be?

In my twenties (particularly after a really late night!) a splash of water and some soap was my usual beauty routine.  By my thirties I'd discovered that discount store moisturizers just didn't cut it anymore.

And now, in my forties, I could fund a small country with the amount of time, effort and money goes into trying to look half decent.  And there's a certain irony in the fact that half my products are to stave off wrinkles, the other half to prevent breakouts.

The other thing I've discovered is the lack of real role models to show us what aging gracefully (and naturally) looks like, when famous women look years, sometimes decades, younger than their true age.

Turn on the TV, watch a movie, or read a magazine and you'll soon realize there are no 40-year-olds in Hollywood.  Planet celebrity is populated with 20-somethings, or at least, women who look that way.

You only have to surf the Web for a while to find endless photos of celebs who have elected not to leave the aging process to nature.  From the obvious - Lara Flynn Boyle, Melanie Griffith, Nicolette Sheridan - to the surprising - Jennifer Aniston, Gwen Stefani and Cindy Crawford.  But it's a relief to see all the celeb "I'm scared of needles so I could never have Botox" hokum is exactly that - hokum.

As any celebrity worth her Manolos knows, the Hollywood con goes like this: in your interviews, mention how you'd NEVER contemplate plastic surgery.  Then add that you wouldn't judge anyone who DID have work if it made them feel better about themselves.  But add that you MAY consider it WHEN you're older.

So who are the beauty role models for us over-40s?  Frustratingly, we no longer get to watch famous women growing older naturally.  We just to get to see the ones who are getting scarier, or more beautiful, or younger, depending on the skill of their surgeon.

- OM

**Interesting postscript**
I was going to include an Opinion Poll on this page listing four famous women who are over 40, and asking you to choose which one you thought was the best beauty role model for aging naturally.

Problem is, I can't THINK of four famous women over 40 who have allowed themselves to age naturally!

If you can help me, please write to me:  olivia *AT  I'll publish your responses.

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