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Books for Girly Girls:
The Popularity of 'Chick Lit'

During the past decade a new genre of literature has emerged, referred to as 'Chick Lit'.

Undeniably popular with millions of women all over the world, these novels often focus on a heroine struggling with some aspect of her life.

These struggles, whether it be her love life, career and finances, or health and weight, are usually tempered with a sharp sense of humor and insightful sensibility. You can locate them in any bookstore by the bright dust jacket colors, usually pink, and the stylized and cartoonish look to the characters.

Often criticized for being too light and fluffy, there is actually great diversity in the 'Chick Lit' genre illustrated by the wide demographics of the readership.

Although many of the books tend to follow a formula, there are endless variations on the young, single career woman, anxious to marry and filled with insecurities. Marriage, divorce, infidelity, pregnancy, bankruptcy, depression and even death can be found in these books with varying levels of intensity. These books allow the reader an outlet for identification with the main character, and can be cathartic as well as entertaining.

The term 'Chick Lit' may be a new one but the type of novel isn't. Jane Austen is the classic 'Chick Lit' author with famous books like Pride and Prejudice, Emma, and, Sense and Sensibility. Pride and Prejudice gave Helen Fielding the plot for Bridget Jones' Diary, who successfully mirrored early 19th century women's issues in a modern context. The success of Bridget Jones' Diary combined with the popularity of TV shows like Sex and the City gave modern women fictional heroines to identify and laugh with.

These books are more than finding happiness through a new pair of shoes, or the attention of the right man. It's about the internal struggle that all women face, but don't necessarily want to always take too seriously. 'Chick Lit' may be considered cotton-candy literature, but it's a refreshing treat!

The following books are some great 'Chick Lit' picks. Enjoy!

Pride & Prejudice
Jane Austen

A classic book turned phenomenon as a result of the BBC production starring Colin Firth. The story has been hijacked most recently in the form of:

Bridget Jones' Diary
Helen Fielding

It's a great book, with many women identifying with Bridget's foibles in life and love. I thought it was hilarious, and the sequel just as funny. The The Edge of Reason is better in book form than movie form, with many memorable scenes. Give the book a chance if you didn't find the movie lived up to the hype.

The Shopaholic Series
Sophie Kinsella

Confessions of A Shopaholic, Shopaholic takes Manhattan, Shopaholic Ties the Knot.. Funny books, with a main character I identified with more than I thought I would! If you're having financial woes, this is a great pick me up.

The Wife of Reilly
Jennifer Coburn

Accounting exec Prudence Malone gets engaged and stuns her friends. She's already married, and this is a big conundrum. She gets her friends to agree to help her find a more compatible mate for her current husband, which will free her to marry again. Very funny book, with an interesting premise.

The Art of Undressing
Stephanie Lehmann

Author of the books Are You in the Mood and Thoughts While Having Sex brings us another great read. The Art of Undressing is a very funny and touching book about Ginger Levine, daughter of an ex-exotic dancer who is feeling alienated from her fem side. Great characters and story development.


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