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Bublicious Michael Buble


Last week I went to see the cool Canadian crooner Michael Buble in concert, and it raised the issue of "what is fame?"

As I sat mesmerized, three rows back from the stage, being seduced by a 30-year-old with a voice like Bailey's on ice, I couldn't help thinking what is it about this boy that has me go weak at the knees?

Yes, he's got a cute face, in that "sad puppy dog" kinda way, and he really did look hot in his Hugo Boss suit (but what man wouldn't?), and his CD's don't do that voice the justice it so richly deserves.  But why did I so desperately want to take him home with me?  Don't get me wrong, though - it wasn't to make wanton, passionate love or anything (although it would've been kinda nice).  I just wanted to look after him; give him a good, home-cooked meal, share a glass of wine with him and of course, engage him in the kind of scintillating conversation that would have him fall madly in love with me (well, that's how the dream went!) so that he would have no choice but to cart me off all over the world with him, then take me home to meet his mom.

There's a charm about Michael Buble, a sincerity and ingenuousness that convinces you that he loves him mother, and you know that he would say thank you after he'd stolen your heart.  He has a self-deprecating sense of humor that blows away any doubts you may have about the ego that must undoubtingly have exploded with the phenomenal success he's built over the past few years. So what gives?

How can a guy who seems so genuinely nice have gotten so far so fast without climbing over a few lesser mortals?   Is Michael Buble for real - a media person's fluffy white dream, or his PR company's idea of the ideal down-home cream puff kinda guy? 

I found myself wondering what he does in his spare time.  I read in his bio that he's spent most of 2005 on the road, performing to sell-out crowds from Palermo to the Philippines, Singapore to Sydney and a thousand places in between.

So, what does a young and healthy boy like Michael do to amuse himself during the day after the sound checks and rehearsals are over?  Does he enjoy his own company, or does he employ a brigade of "best friends" to accompany him on his adventures in each new city he visits?  And why, oh why, I ask myself, do I want to know this stuff?

That, I guess, is the question that keeps the gossip magazines and tabloids alive and kicking.  Why do fans want to know every sordid detail they can discover about their favorite celebrity?  Is it really because there is a belief among some that famous people of whatever persuasion are different from the rest of us mere mortals?  Or is it because, like a new best friend that enters our lives, we want to discover what makes them tick?

Michael Buble came into my lounge room last week (it wasn't really my lounge room, it was a Concert Hall, but it felt like my lounge room!) and however briefly, became my new best freind.  He sang as if he was singing just for me, and for one brief moment in time I was mesmerized.  And for that brief moment in time, this human being who thinks and acts and feels just like the rest of us human beings, morphed into someone who took my breath away, whose voice sent ripples through my bloodstream and whose presence made my heart skip a beat or two.

So, Michael, if you're out there someplace -- the answer is yes, I'd still like to take you home with me. No, I don't want you to take me to bed (unless you REALLY want to!), I just want to talk with you, find out more about you, just like I would a new best friend.  And what's so wrong with that?

- OM.

If you are a fan of Michael Buble, check out the Michael Buble Fan Magazine for all the latest news, concert and tour dates and the latest gossip.  I highly recommend it!