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I Can't Get That Song Out of My Head (Part 2)

by Marcia Breitenbach

Music Can Change Those Beliefs

We all know music can be powerful, but can a song really change your life? Absolutely. It does so in two ways. First of all, music is composed of sound waves, vibrations that move into you without your permission. Remember the uninvited guest? You can't shut it out, the way you could close a book. It is this aspect of music that gives it the power to change your beliefs in ways that any amount of positive thinking or affirmation using can't. Have you ever had the experience of saying an affirmation, such as, 'I truly love and accept myself just the way I am.' Then, you try to block out that little screaming voice in your head that's saying, 'That's nonsense! I don't love myself, as a matter of fact, I'm pretty darn unworthy, and if I accepted myself just the way I am right now, I'd have to kill myself!' This happens because the conscious mind has a radar screen, a s't detector that says, 'Nope, I don't believe that affirmation, it doesn't fit with my deeper belief about myself.' And the affirmation is totally or partially blocked from its purpose.

Think of your thoughts, statements about yourself, and your beliefs about how the world works as the software that runs your life. Unfortunately, much of this software lies hidden within us and we don't realize how we continually choose to keep running it and allow it to interfere with all our hard work and the steps we have been taking towards our goals. If you have a computer, you know that you have to take time now and then to clean it up, and get rid of the stuff that you don't need or that may hinder its effective functioning. You need to do that for your brain too!

Music Bypasses Your 'Keep Things the Way They Are' Radar

Music has the ability to get past our intellectual radars, the ones that keep really good information from getting to our core, to that place that makes or breaks us. You, like me, have a part of you that wants things to stay the same, the part that resists change. We all have beliefs and habitual patterns of response built up over the years, making it difficult to make lasting positive changes. No matter how hard we try! It isn't enough to read about these things and to listen to the experts giving us tools to change our beliefs. We have to get past our cognitive 'filters' because they are the gatekeepers to our subconscious. Music, riding on its little sound waves, thumbs its nose at the gatekeepers and slides right into its destination.

The second way music changes beliefs is through the lyrics of a song. Through repetition of words that support you and your goals, the song can make new belief and thought pathways in your brain. If helps if you actually like the song because then you are more likely to play it often. Beliefs are formed through repetition of thoughts and words. By choosing consciously to use a song that will saturate your brain with positive messages, you utilize a natural tool for creating new thought patterns that support your desire to change.

Also, the subconscious mind absorbs this information better when you are more relaxed and the brain is in an 'alpha' rather than 'beta' state. The addition of the musical accompaniment to affirming messages can help to induce this receptivity, thereby increasing the likelihood of the positive messages gaining access to the place where the beliefs reside.

You Can Use Music Like a Prescription

I sometimes give my clients a song, on a prescription pad, to use faithfully, the way they take their vitamins, or prn, when they notice their morale has dropped. It depends on the song. I've written songs about facing fear, letting go, shouldn'g on yourself, loving yourself, changing beliefs, having enough time, stress, the complexities of life and wanting to simplify, and about a hundred more issues that have stopped me in my tracks. (I haven't written my hot flash song yet'my pen keeps melting!)

What kind of songs are you listening to? Listen to the lyrics and choose to listen more to the ones that are supporting living your best life, and bringing out the best in you. You can even put some on your ipod and have it handy when you are relaxed, like right before bed, or when you first get up. Tell yourself, 'I am intentionally using this music to create some healthy new thought and belief patterns in my brain.'

You deserve to live a magnificent life. We all do. So, take this step, it's as easy as hitting the on switch, and open up to the beauty of change. I wish you many, many repeating songs of beauty, empowerment, and whatever else your heart desires!

About the Author:
Marcia Breitenbach is a songwriter, speaker, therapist and devoted mother whose songs are traveling across the globe. You can download her songs for free by joining her unique ezine, the Songletter, at

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