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I'm' Movin' Out

Whether you're moving around the world, across the country, or just downtown, relocating is always difficult.

In a dream world, your neighbors would become your best friends, the guy you spotted in the grocery store would be the love of your life, and the first person you met at the gym would see how brilliant you are and offer you the perfect job. However, odds are that creating a life of your own in a new place will require a little more effort.

Here are 6 tips that will help jump start life in your new surroundings, and will have you out and about in no time at all.


Before you move tell everyone you can think of ' even your long lost pen pal from third grade ' where you'll be moving. You never know who may have a friend, a family member, or a contact just around the corner from your new digs.


Even if you're not getting the "let's meet and mingle" vibe from your new apartment building, your neighbors can at least give you some basic info about where to get groceries, toilet paper, and the best takeout around. Who knows? You might even find a friend.


She seems nice enough, but while you're budgeting your paycheck down to the last cent, your cubicle mate is chatting you up about the latest designer goods she bought. You may not have everything in common, but asking a friendly coworker what she's doing over the weekend could get you invited to a super social event. The best way to meet people is through other people!


Love kickboxing? Find a gym that offers classes. Your favorite author is giving a lecture at the local bookstore? Sign up. You don't have to be a whole new person to create a whole new life. Reminding yourself about what makes you happy will make your new surroundings feel like your favorite pair of jeans: just right.


While seeking out old interests can make you feel at home, it can also keep you from opening up to your new environment. Embrace the changes in life by doing something you've never done before: find a book club, take a cooking class, or join a runner's group. You might end up with a great new hobby, and maybe even a few friends.


This is your chance to make a difference in your new neighborhood. Volunteering will not only give the cause of your choice some much needed assistance, but will also introduce you to others who care about the same issues you do.

Don't wait! Finding the best route from the couch to the fridge will not help you feel like you're part of it all on Saturday night. There are amazing opportunities and amazing new people on the other side of your front door, so get out and explore!