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The "Squish" Factor

by Tracey Stoll

This could mean a couple of things to a woman in her forties. Squishing into your jeans for example or perhaps wanting to squish the size zero girl asking you your size in the jean store...

Both scenarios I guarantee are material for an entirely different discussion. Today however, The Squish Factor I'm talking about is the details; all those details that make up your life and need to be squished into your day somewhere between sunrise and sunset.

Some are little and some are enormous or at least feel that way. You too could be suffering from the Squish Factor. Take this test and find out:

1. Have you ever gone to bed with your make up on and in the morning think 'Hmm, I could save a few minutes here.'
2. Do you believe in and practice the 'just in time' laundry theory?
3. The last time you had a fantasy did it involve someone cleaning your kitchen first?

If you answered yes to any of these questions you too may be a candidate for the Factor.

There are many of us out there, everyone has there own personal Squish Factor. In my case my son arrived just before my thirty-seventh birthday. My mom also waited to have children, which was unusual for her generation ' she was pretty 'hip' back in the day and still is for an old gal.

So when you do the math it goes something like this, young child's number of details multiplied by elderly mom's number of details multiplied by life in general's number of details divided by your age - you get the Squish Factor.

If you look at the dictionary meaning of Squish, I think my terminology is actually pretty accurate.

squished , squish'ing , squish'es
VERB : To squeeze or crush together or into a flat mass

One day I decided to create a list of all these details that were running through my head. With a positive attitude I began to write, this would be a step in the right direction. Yes, with this list I would be more organized, have the ability to accomplish more in the day, and more importantly no more late fees!

Yeah, I got to number 32 and panic set in. It went something like this . . . What the . . . How am I gonna . . .Oh Man! Look at all those things I need to do, call someone to do, remind someone to do or think about doing. Item number 33 ' Stop writing lists.

It would be easy, very easy to become consumed or perhaps overwhelmed but then I stop to listen to my very 'hip' Mom. Her fondest memories are in the details, or perhaps in the results of the details. So I try to stop for a few minutes every day and count my blessings instead.

Funny thing is, my blessings look very much like my Squish Factor Equation (Beautiful Healthy Child x Wise Old Lady aka Mom x Life). Huh, who knew!

About the Author:
Tracey Stoll is a very proud mother of one who lives in Richmond Hill, Ontario with her husband of 19 years. Recently, Tracey grew up and decided what she wanted to do with her life, write! At forty-something years of age, her passion was found. Tracey's 'real' job, the one that pays the bills, as a business consultant has offered the opportunity to travel extensively, experience diverse cultures and most importantly enjoy the people who live and work there. Some of her favorite past times include boating, skiing and relaxing at the cottage.