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10 Success Secrets for Savvy Women

We know that as women we are fabulous creatures.

We are complex, compassionate, talented, determined, resourceful, loving. . .the list goes on and on. At one time or another, most of endure the horror of a pimple on prom night, the heartbreak of a broken romance, the warmth of marriage, the glow of pregnancy, the pain of childbirth, the frustration and elation of child-rearing AND husband-rearing, and the highs and lows of our career.

Have you ever noticed how some women sail through their busy lives, without a crease, frown, stain or wrinkle? Don't believe it! No, really, some women have learned the simple strategies it takes to lead successful, fulfilled lives.

All it takes is a few simple life lessons to help you make the very most of your life, no matter what you do.

Here's my 10 Savvy Woman Success Secrets:

1.  Surround yourself with people you like

Positive people give off positive energy that we pick up on, while negative people breed toxicity. Make a decision to only include in your life the people you love and admire and who encourage and strengthen you. Don't waste your precious time on friends and family who discourage, dishearten and drain you. Sometimes these people can't be avoided, so choose to ignore their negative attitude, or better still, let them know the effect they have on you.

2.  Give yourself the gift of time-out

You need to invest time in yourself to be the best person you can be - for yourself and those around you. Think about the things you enjoy doing and schedule time-out in your busy life for YOU. You need time to care for yourself, time to rest and recuperate and time to grow.

3.  Build a support structure

It's easy to get so busy and involved in your own life you lose touch with family, friends and neighbors. But it's important to maintain links with people in your life who you may need when "life happens". A shoulder to cry on, an emergency child minder, a ride to the hospital or supermarket or just someone to be there when you need a little help. Which leads to my next success tip:

4.  Be there for others

Life is a two-way street. In the same way we need to ask for help occasionally, others may need to ask of us. Try to be there when a friend or family member needs your help. Remember that you may need to return the favor one day.

5. Spend time with your gal pals

As women, we are blessed with the gift of our girlfriends. Women need to talk to other women. Our gal pals act as sounding-boards, therapists, nurturers and the keeper-of-secrets. We need someone who we can share our dreams with, our diet disasters, our problems, joys, sorrows and that new movie we just watched. Psychologists tell us that venting our frustrations, fears, dreams and even the ordinariness of our lives is simply our way of coping and "getting our house in order."

6. Be the best you can be

That means taking care of the way you look, the way you act and the way you feel. It's a tired old clich', but try to "live like you're about to die." Make each new day count, and each new experience one of learning and growing. Successful people are enthusiastic about life.

7. Stay healthy

As my mom used to say, you are what you eat. The better you treat your body the better it will treat you. You need energy to get you through the million things you have to do every day, so indulge in nutritious, healthy food that nourishes your body and energizes your brain. And that doesn't mean going without your special treats. Don't deny yourself the foods you love, just don't over-indulge!

8. Get enough sleep

Sleep is our body's way of re-stocking the shelves, to give us the physical, mental, and emotional resources we need to get through our busy days. Sleep helps reduce stress and makes us look and feel better.

9. Get some exercise

Exercise should be a high priority. Exercise helps you manage stress, control weight, prevent osteoporosis, be stronger and more energetic, prevent heart disease, of course, feel and look younger.

10. Dream BIG

Successful women are focused and have goals to achieve. If you don't have somewhere to go, how will you ever get there? Plan the things you want to achieve, even if it's just getting to the hairdresser or gym regularly. Enlist a "cheer squad" who will encourage you to get to where you want to go and applaud you when you get there!

And the biggest secret of all? Make your success strategies fun. You don't have to be superwoman and you don't have to be all things to all people. Successful women are happy women, and the more time you invest in taking care of you and being happy, the more successful you'll be.