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How To Kiss And Make
It Truly Memorable!

Snog, suck face, pash, mush. Call it what you will, a kiss can take a relationship to the next level or reduce it to zero, depending on how well you do it.

Never underestimate the power of a kiss.

Theory has it that we sum a person up within the first five minutes of meeting them. It's the same with a kiss. We sum up the staying-power of potential new partners within five seconds of that first kiss. Many a potential new bed partner has been given their marching orders after discovering that those beautiful bedroom eyes don't belong to the same package as the lips that belong down the toilet. After all, if your kissing mate hasn't mastered the art of kissing, what hope is there for, ahem, anything else?

So, what makes a good kiss, and better still, a good kisser?

How to Kiss

Relax. Remember to breathe. Save the panting desire for a little later, once you've both warmed up. If you can't breathe through your mouth because it's being used for something else, make sure you can still breathe through your nose. That applies to your kissing partner as well. Don't mistake that rapturous swoon for passion - you've probably just cut off your lover's airway.

Concentrate. Try to think about nothing but the kiss and how it's making you feel. Second base and a home run may be on the agenda but put them to the back of your mind and make your stay on first base as enjoyable and intoxicating as possible. Kiss your partner like there was nothing you would rather be doing right then and there. Closing your eyes helps concentration, but you may prefer to keep them open to see what's going on.

Technique. Forget about technique, what worked for your last kissee may not work with this one. Hands are great but remember they're only hands, not tentacles. Use them in an expressive, tender and non-sexual way. Hold your partner's face while you kiss, caress the back of their neck or gently stroke their hair.

Start with your mouth either closed or partly open. Relax your lips, but don't make them mushy. Introduce a little tongue, with the operative word being little.

Variety. Variety is the spice of life, so adjust the pressure of your kiss, from light and playful to hot and heavy. Take a break from your pash and give your partner a big hug, playfully kissing their ears, neck or cheek while you hold them tight. Lightly nibble on their bottom lip.

Big No-No's. Bad breath is a major turnoff. So is bad dental hygiene. Clean your teeth well if you know you're likely to get involved in a major smooching session. Mouth wash is great too, particularly if you've been eating garlic, onions, Polish salami or anything that leaves your mouth tasting like yesterday's leftovers.

Spit is also going to raise the "uuurgh" flag. Try to keep your mouth dry and your saliva manageable. Of course, using your tongue (we'll be talking more about that in the French kissing section) is sure to introduce the spit factor. The best advice to help overcome excess saliva is to keep your lips relaxed but relatively tight.

Exploring your lover's tonsils with your tongue is NOT the best way to ensure a return visit. Using your tongue is fine, but it's the tip of your tongue that yields all the sensitivity. Playing tonsil hockey is a definite no-no.

Remember you're trying to kiss your partner, not menace a cooked lamb bone. Gently moving your head while you're kissing passionately is OK, but you don't need to unscrew your lover's neck with your gyrations.

Clashing teeth, or better still braces, is sure to raise a laugh, not your passion factor. Even the most ardent of kisses does not have to involve burrowing into your lover's mouth cavity. The best way to avoid clicking teeth is to remember you're not gnawing your partner, you're kissing them.

Learning how to kiss is one of the best activities you can try. It certainly beats the heck out of learning to crochet.

Just remember that the art of kissing has been around for centuries, so don't take it too seriously. Just sit back, or stand up, (whatever gets you going), relax and enjoy!

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- OM