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Savvy Women's Magazine Love Meter

Is he the one?  The one you're going to spend one night of hell with or the one you may end up spending the rest of your life with?  Take our passion meter test to find out. . .

1. What was your first impression of him?

A. It was instant - lust at first sight.
B. You loved the way he tried to sweep you off your feet.
C. You thought he might grow on you'like fungus.
D. You didn't exactly like him, but the night was OK.

2. How was your first date?

A. Steamingly hot and romantic.
B. He was fun, with potential for improvement.
C. Don't even ask.
D. A bit like a night out with your brother.

3. You have to get rescued after you lock yourself in the toilet.  How would you feel if your date was the axe-wielding fireman?

A. Overcome - mainly at the sight of him in a fire fighter's uniform
B. Deeply embarrassed, but more concerned about getting free.
C. Who cares, just get me outta here!.
D. You'd both be laughing too much to care.

4. You've had a fight, and he calls to apologize. What do you do?

A. Breathe a huge sigh of relief.
B. Give him the benefit of the doubt - this time.
C. Tell him you'll call him, sometime never.
D. Tell him it doesn't matter - you hadn't given the matter a second thought.

5. Some men find successful career women too scary. What does he think of your career?

A. He'd be totally supportive, whatever you chose to do.
B. You are busy pursuing your different career paths, and you both respect that.
C. Now you come to think of it, he never actually asked if you had a job...
D. He gives out great career advice, but only if you ask him.

6. What was your first date high?

A. Your first long, slow, tantalising kiss.
B. You saw a really good movie together.
C. When he said goodnight and you knew you'd never have to see him again.
D. His sense of humor.

7. What undergarments did you wear on your first date with him?

A. Flimsy, black, lace.
B. Cotton, well cut, so there were no lines beneath your clothes
C. Padlocked pants and a polo neck bra would have been most appropriate.
D. The first thing you grabbed from your underwear drawer.

8. He came back for coffee - what did you serve?

A. Cappuccino - hot, long and steamy.
B. Espresso - intense, but all over in a couple of slurps.
C. Instant. Weak, tasteless, and deeply unsatisfying.
D. Actually it was more a quick cup of tea and a biscuit.

9. A mutual friend tells you he already has a partner. What do you do?

A. Don't believe her - she's jealous (and you're right!)
B. Dump him, and start looking for your next crush?
C. Dump him and feel deeply sorry for his existing partner
D. It doesn't matter; you carry on being friends with him.

10. Would you rather date him again or eat two cartons of your favorite ice cream?

A. You'd never eat ice cream again just to spend half an hour in his company.
B. You'd settle for a short date, and one carton of ice cream.
C. Um, where's the spoon?
D. You'd have the ice cream - but save some for him in the freezer.

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