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By Leslie Stewart

Positive thoughts equal positive feelings = your vibration increases. And, per this Law, like attracts like.

Experiencing the powerful effects of positive mind set through my life, and, especially as I discovered the Law of Attraction and experienced in some powerful ways how it truly does work, I felt that Positivity is an essential tenant of being Love Savvy. In my business of helping women grow in love and change their lives, these tenants serve as a blueprint to answer the “How?” that’s asked on a daily basis.

It’s not rocket science to observe how the impact of holding a positive attitude with others impacts your interactions and experience, versus the opposite, right?   We’ve all been there.   You’re with a negative-minded friend, and despite the delicious food you shared, or even the good movie you saw - you leave her and notice yourself feeling e-x-h-a-u-s-t-e-d.   Otherwise known as toxicity, this negative muck has you feeling like you’re sinking in quicksand.

On the flip side, think about how you feel when you spend time, or even rub elbows, with a positive person.  It’s intoxicating.  It’s uplifting.  Perhaps if you went into the exchange a little tired, a little agitated, you notice that you leave it feeling energized.

This translates directly into dating and relationships, my savvy friends, as you may well know.   How often have you felt disinterested in someone because he or she just seemed….well, negative?  A real downer?

Positivity shows up in many ways in dating and romance.  Here’s a short list of a few:

  • A smile and eye contact
  • Supportive, encouraging words
  • Openness - approachability, even with body language (no crossing of arms, turning of back)
  • Interest - Curiosity in the other person
  • Avoidance of gossip or catty comments
  • Laughing, humor

Now, if you’re in a relationship, ask yourself this: how much of this am I doing with my sweetie?   Take inventory, and make sure that your comfort levels haven’t seduced you into the lower-self behaviors of negativity. Your partner and relationship will thank you for the upgrade.

Make sure to keep yourself in a positive circle of influence.  Because it rubs off. And with those in your life (certain family members, colleagues, long-term friends) that aren’t so positive, protect your energy and mind set with structures that help reduce toxic residue:  limit conversations, schedule interactions for a low-stress, low-impact time, and be the bigger person by not jumping into agreeing with negative thinking or attitude.

Then, notice the dividends that Positivity pays.   They’re priceless.

About the Author:
Leslie Stewart is an expert on love and relationship, and has coached over one hundred people towards realizing their dreams. Integrating over twelve years of corporate work, a degree in Psychology, training at the renowned Coaches Training Institute, and her own self-discovery and life experiences – Leslie has created life-changing programs for women who are looking to reconnect with their authentic selves and create a bridge between their reality and their desires. Visit Leslie at Leslie lives in San Francisco with her great love and husband, Larry, and 5 future dogs.