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Relationship Advice - The Magic of Your Differences

Meet our relationship counselors and the authors of our relationship articles "The Magic of your Differences"

Husband-and-wife psychology team Judith Sherven, Ph.D. and Jim Sniechowski, Ph.D., are the bestselling authors of Be Loved for Who You Really Are, The New Intimacy, and Opening to Love 365 Days a Year.

Their fourth book, The Smart Couple's Guide to the Wedding of Your Dreams, came out in December 2005. It is the first book for the wedding couple!

They named their company The Magic of Differences because at the heart of their work is the message that embracing differences is the key to successful loving and living.

Their corporate trainings and relationship workshops demonstrate the groundbreaking personal and professional benefits available when people learn to respect and value the differences between them.  As guest experts they've been on over 900 television and radio shows including Oprah, The O'Reilly Factor, 48 Hours, Canada AM, and The View.

They were both involved in the film industry earlier in their lives. Judith as an actress, Jim as actor, director, and teacher. Now as relationship trainers and motivational speakers, they have been working with live audiences for the last 18 years nationally and internationally and they understand what men and women are looking for to improve satisfaction and success in their lives.

More than their extensive professional background, Judith & Jim bring profound personal experience and knowledge to their work. They have been married for seventeen years. It's Judith's first and Jim's third, so they bring hope for almost everyone!

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Judith and Jim have also recently published a new book, The Smart Couple's Guide To The Wedding Of Your Dreams : Planning Together For Less Stress and More Joy.  You can get your own copy of their book from

Judith and Jim write a section on relationship advice regularly and exclusively for Savvy Women Magazine.