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Secrets to Make Your Ex Return Your Call


Are there 'magic' words you can use to get your ex to return your phone calls? It sounds hard to believe, but there ARE words that will nearly cast a spell and make your ex feel practically compelled to return your call.

That's great because this is one of the biggest questions raised by those who are trying to put their relationship back together.

So how do you get your ex to return your phone call, text, or IM?

There's a new program available called the Magic of Making Up that lays out a complete strategy. It's from a writer, TW Jackson, who spent a great deal of research time thoroughly exploring the area of relationships. He lays out a complete strategy. Without including this approach as part of an overall plan, you could end up damaging your relationship more than if your ex never returned your call in the first place.

What NOT to Say!

Before getting into the actual words, let's go over what messages almost NEVER work, and worse...can put you in an AWFUL 'psychological' position.

These usually fall into two categories where the words are slightly different, but the message is just as negative.


"John, please, please call me. This is the third time I've called. I HAVE to talk to you."


"Bill, this is an emergency. Please call me as soon as you get this."

Now, I think you can see what is wrong with both of those approaches, so enough said.

How to Use Curiosity and Self Interest to Your Advantage

Two of the most powerful forces in the human mind are Curiosity and Self Interest. And here's the BIG SECRET! When you combine the two, you have a recipe that WILL work 'magic.'
So...let's look at what you can say that works nearly EVERY TIME.

In a friendly tone:

"Hi John. It's Cindy. I wanted to let you know I appreciate what you did for me. Call me because I want to thank you in person."

Do you see how that uses BOTH curiosity and self interest? John will NOT be able to resist!

"What did I do?" "What does she appreciate?" he will be thinking. And he will feel good because it is a positive message.

Now...before you call, you need to do the "Set Up" which is figuring out what he did that you appreciate. It can be any small thing...but it needs to be plausible.

But more importantly...make sure you have an underlying strategy like that laid out in the Magic of Making Up BEFORE you call. If you apply this technique with no underlying plan, and he calls you back, you can do more DAMAGE than good if you do not handle it correctly.

So, having a plan for what you do before, during, and after you get him to return your call is actually MORE important than getting him to return your call in the first place. And always remember, most relationships no matter how damaged CAN be salvaged.