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All The Facts About Sex You Wanted To Know
(But Were Afraid To Ask)

All the facts about sex and other stuff you wish you'd known last time there was a lull in the dinner party conversation. . .

Facts About Women:

A woman's vagina is about 3 to 4 inches in length. This expands during intercourse, and, of course, increases to the size of two football fields when she's giving birth.

The clitoris, vaginal lips and internal spongy tissue have almost as much erectile tissue as a man, but most of it is inside her body.

At birth, a female has up to 2 million unfertilized eggs in her ovaries. After menstruation, one fertile egg is released each month until the onset on menopause.

It's perfectly normal for a woman's breasts to differ in size and shape.

Up to 10% of women have hair growing around their nipples.

When a woman is aroused, her breasts can increase by up to 25%.

Almost 70% of women don't reach orgasm during sexual intercourse.

Some women ejaculate through the urethra during sexual arousal. One to two ounces of clear, odorless fluid is expelled.

Facts About Men:

The average length of a fully erect penis is 5'", with 90% of men averaging between 5" and 7".

No matter what the email spammers tell you, NO cream or ointment is going to increase the size of his penis. There are no muscles in the penis, so exercise won't help either.

25% of all penises are bent when erect.

During ejaculation, a healthy, fertile man releases between 1 teaspoon and 1 tablespoon of semen, containing about 300 million sperm.

Facts About Sex:

In 2004, the condom company Durex conducted a global sex survey. Globally, people are having sex an average of 103 times a year with women (106) having sex more frequently than men (101).

The French (137) are having the most sex, while those in Hong Kong and Singapore (both 79) and Japan (46), are the least sexually active. The UK (119) and New Zealand (114) rated better than the US (111).

Up to 35% of those surveyed admitted to having unprotected sex without knowing their partner's sexual history.

On average, people across the world spend 19.7 minutes on foreplay with men claiming to spend more time than women - 20.2 and 18.8 respectively.

The British spend the most time on foreplay (22.5) while the US (19.7) and Finland (19.7) both rate as average. Those in Thailand obviously need some work scraping in a 11.5.

Four in ten women have faked orgasm in the last 12 months, while only 17% of men admit to faking it.

45% of men admit to having an orgasm every time with only 17% of women achieving the same result.

Icelanders are most likely to use vibrators (52%), followed by those in Norway (50%) and the UK (49%)

Vibrators are more popular with women (20%) than men (14%) and men are more likely to have used a product which prolongs sexual intercourse.

Globally, men focus on women's breasts as their sexiest feature while women think eyes are the sexiest.

Sexiest Celebrities:

Angelina Jolie was voted the sexiest female celebrity on the planet, followed by Jennifer Lopez, then Britney Spears and Catherine Zeta-Jones.

Hollywood hunk Brad Pitt was voted the sexiest male celebrity by more than one in five people globally. In second place was Johnny Depp, followed closely by George Clooney and David Beckham.


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