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Planning Together for Less Stress and More Joy


This practical, helpful book guides couples through perhaps the most important event
of their lives to date, and makes the experience more joyful then imagined.
Brian Tracy, bestselling author of "Your Own Future"

This is the only book currently available that is specifically
for the wedding couple, for the bride AND the groom.

And, rather than a wedding planner, this book helps the bride and groom understand that how they treat each other (and their finances) during their wedding journey -- from their engagement through their honeymoon -- helps set the ground for how they will treat each other during their marriage.

Authors Judith & Jim guide them to create a strong emotional foundation, reinforcing their commitment to their marriage by cooperating every step along the way.

The Smart Couple's Guide also helps the couple focus on what would be most meaningful to them.
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Judith & Jim's book

Whether they choose a completely traditional wedding or design one that is quirky and off beat; whether they invite six hundred or six guests; and whether they spend $1,5000,000 or $600 (as was the case with two of the couples who tell their stories in the book) it is their wedding and it should express who they are as a couple and what getting married means to them.

Most of all, the rewards of their planning and preparation for the wedding together extend far beyond the ceremony and reception well into their life together.

Most couples get engaged and receive no preparation for planning a meaningful wedding much less having a successful marriage. This unique and special book helps them with both.

And The Smart Couple's Guide is filled with almost 150 wedding stories from couples all over of the country. They are funny, poignant, wise, and straight from the heart.

It's a must-have book for anyone who is engaged, even thinking about getting married, their family and friends who want to support them, and anyone in the wedding industry who wants to understand the future of weddings. And it's a great read!

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Practical, prescient, precious. Judith and Jim
have created a wedding masterpiece!

Pat Love, EdD, author
"The Truth about Love"


The wedding market is flooded with
"how to" books - planners that all say
essentially the same thing. Finally,
here is a new, different and interesting
approach. This is a book for the modern
couple, reflecting a growing trend for the
groom's involvement. It recognizes that
wedding planning today can be . . .
should be . . . the beginning of a life together.
Gerard J. Monaghan
Association of Bridal Consultants


relationship adviceAbout the Authors:

Judith Sherven, PhD and James Sniechowski, PhD have redefined the future of weddings. From now on brides AND grooms will be co-partners every step along the way. Be sure to read an excerpt from their new book - "The Smart Couple's Guide to the Wedding of Your Dreams." Just go to