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"Call Me Irresponsible"
Catapults Michael Bubl' Onto The Leaderboard Again!

But has he really ever left???

by our Music Guru Maureen ("Mo") Mahoney

Picture this ...Naples, FL....Thursday night, May 11th...6:45 pm.....

As important as a title is to a review, the same can be said for the lead song on a CD. To begin with, "The Best Is Yet To Come" was a clear and obvious choice for Michael's newest CD so let's travel down these 13 tracks and see what Michael Bubl' has brought us this year, shall we?

Michael Buble"It Had Better Be Tonight" - Had me dancing all over the living room...You'd swear "Dancing with the Stars" was in my living room....I've never mamba'd and rumba'd and pasa dobled with such fervour....this song is bursting with energy, electricity and quite honestly SEX APPEAL and Michael sure brings it home. (I'm sure Bruno would give it a 10!".)...Michael Bubl' is an animal on the prowl and if this song doesn't arouse your hormones and shake up your endorphins ...well excuse me, but you must be dead!

Let me take my samba ruffles off and concentrate on the rest of the CD...

"Me and Mrs. Jones" - Just listen to Michael sing the words and with the superb orchestrations; he has turned this remake into something new and fresh. I love the power of the arrangements on this song, which bring new meaning to the words. Can all of you recognize the "background vocals" on this one? (If you don't know, it's long-term girlfriend, Academy Award nominated actress Emily Blunt). A little added extra surprise and a perfect touch.

"I'm Your Man" has Michael oozing with sensuality. The song rises and rises and has so many, hope, anger, begging for approval and WANT.  This song covers the emotional yardstick and then Michael grabs at us with his growling....cause "I'm Your Man".....BUBLE IS THE MAN!!!

"Comin' Home Baby"....Adding Boyz II Men with their glorious harmonizing vocals alongside Michael's vocal talent, the message is LOUD AND CLEAR! Herein lies charm and an easy flow to the tune. This song is fun, interesting and such a great standout on the disc. Beautifully executed by all involved. BRAVO!

"Lost"...This song may break your heart or heal an already broken one! Very sentimental in presentation and by far this is Bubl' at his heartfelt best. The ballad he sings, the softness of his vocal technique sends a message of hope and these words will migrate into your soul. It's as if he is trying to sing to each and every one of us reminding us we are not alone, a tear jerker ladies, get your tissues out!

"Call Me Irresponsible" ...Michael's honey-dipped vocals were meant to sing the standards. I can imagine him snapping his fingers while working the mic stand. Bubl' magic happens in the middle of this disc...and girls....let's never "Call him Irresponsible"! Sammy Cahn would be so proud to hear this rendition and no doubt give Michael 2 thumbs up.. or at least "5 more minutes". When the drums and horns kick have to get up and slow dance to this song...I think we are all irresponsibly mad for Michael...Exceptional track by an exceptional artist!

"Wonderful Tonight", his duet with Ivan Lins, again has Michael dripping with sensuality. This is Michael Bubl' doing what he does best...stunning job...You will recognize this song, however there is something about Michael's voice and the Brazilian tempo that sets your pulse racing and your temperature rising.

"Everything" - The first single released from the album is a sweet tune with beautiful words touched with so much meaning. This song will only solidify what your significant other means to you...and Michael got it one word...EVERYTHING! No matter what life may dish out to you, this song will only help you to realize that in the end, love is what matters and what you share and create with your loved one. A ballad for the 21st century lover in all of us...

"I've Got The World on a String" - "Hey Michael...Come on and swing!"....Skatting, clapping, so much participation makes this another song you won't be able to sit still for.....Michael involves you from the first word through to the end. So much excitement on this track, you've got the best of both worlds. I truly enjoyed this song so turn it up and take it all in....! "Oh what a world...oh what a life!"

"Always on my Mind" - Love Michael's interpretation of this song....something about this man's voice truly places him in his element...You may never want this song to end. It's almost as if he is living these words and in turn, is placing his feelings in each of our hearts. This song demands attention and quiet. I feel as if breathing during this song would be an interruption to the talented vocals being sung!

"That's Life" - WOW! Michael delivers a track you certainly won't compare to "Ole Blue Eyes"!  Michael adds a gospel choir that not only intensifies this song, it also highlights the magnitude of his vocals.  You only need to hear the presentation of this track to understand what Bubl' carries in his soul and willingly shares with all of us.....the rendition has STAR POWER! Bubl' has reinvented the RAT PACK days....

"Dream" - To end this disc with "Dream" is just how Michael Bubl' will leave you feeling......drift off and dream about this artist.

Bubl' took 13 songs and branded them as his own. He is sure to make your heart flutter, awaken your senses and show you, yet again, he is a talent to be reckoned with. He just keeps soaring to new altitudes and exploring new territory that makes you wonder, where next?

Michael is in the outer appropriate for him to leave us "Dream"ing at the end of this CD.....

So to all you Savvy Women...DREAM...DREAM...DREAM....

This is my "Mo-ment of Music" I happily share with you...

All the best,





About Our Music Editor:

Mo Mahoney Maureen "Mo" Mahoney makes her home in Montgomery Village and spends her free time travelling to NY, Boston, Chicago, and countless other cities to support these amazing artists.  She has been published in the "New England Entertainment Digest", as well as "The American Songbook in London" where she has joined Jeff Harnar's creative team. 

Mo has also ventured into a new business rightfully named "Artistry in MO-tion" and is working with venues to bring these artists to Performing Arts Centers on the East Coast.  Mo will also be involved in the promotional aspect of the D.C. Cabaret Network, hoping to showcase these artists and many others.

Mo has been interviewed for magazines in Naples about her love of this music and the various artists she supports and works so tirelessly for, a true labor of love.  We are so lucky and fortunate to have her as a part of the Savvy Women family and look forward to many Mo rewarding and enlightening reviews.