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Scott Dreier

Did you ever hear a voice, and upon the first few bars your smile grew and joy instantly filled your heart?

Scott Dreier has an "essence of beauty" in every song he performs so let's talk about this multi-faceted artist.....

by our Music Guru Maureen ("Mo") Mahoney

When I first listened to Scott's CD, I was entranced with every track, songs that pulled out of me every emotion imaginable. For a singer to accomplish this task, is art in the truest form. Scott Dreier's voice will live inside of your heart and leave you spellbound. His deep baritone and sexy vocals advance this man to a level others can only hope to achieve. We are most fortunate to have Scott share all that lies within him with us, his adoring public.

Scott DreierWhen Scott sings, I can envision him smiling. I feel all the joy, passion and love spilling out from this album. Scott's voice is unmistakable in perfection and pitch. The standards and the show tunes he presents will show you how fresh and alive each and every track becomes. Scott decorates the world with a voice untouchable and memorable and emerges as the man to watch, a voice which holds no boundaries in style and performance, and ladies, this man's sex appeal is an added bonus!

Scott's voice commands complete and full attention....the soft sensuous renderings will tug at your heart strings and bring you to tears with the amorous stylings of "Love Me" and the all too powerful "Yesterday/Since You Stayed Here". Scott can not only capture sentiment in these love songs, he will also have you dancing with "She's In Love With Me" (one of my favorites). And just when you think your excitement is at an zenith, he packs a punch with the all and powerful "Lida Rose".

Listening to his dynamic duet with the ever talented Katey Sagal on "Suddenly Seymour", I found another moment showcasing how exceptional an album he has generated! This album was created with songs to keep you smiling and feeling good for hours. And how proud we all were of Scott when his album was nominated to the 2003 Grammy Ballot. Well done Scott!

Scott's voice will become a part of your daily life and it is the quality of his talent that will beguile so many of you to him. You can visit LML Music or to purchase this album and observe the catalog of tunes Scott bestows upon your listening pleasure. His presentations and delivery of songs are of the highest caliber possible. The orchestrations are forceful and carry Scott's voice to an extraordinary level of perfection. An entrancing CD for the music aficionado living in all of us.

Scott also performs on the stage, yet another opportunity to witness the talent Scott occupies. Here is a sampling of the productions he has starred in:

Little Shop of Horrors, Some Kind of Wonderful, Forever Plaid, Into The Woods, Fiddler on the Roof, A Funny Thing Happened...How to Succeed in Business, to name just a few. But ladies, let's not stop there, for Scott was recently awarded "Best Lead Male Singer in a Cabaret or Concert Series" for his role in "Side by Side by Sondheim" at the 2006 Desert Theatre League Awards. Congratulations Scott!!!

And just when you think Scott Dreier has captured your heart, what makes him even more endearing are his tireless efforts in raising funds for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. A portion of the CD sales are contributed to the cause. How can you go wrong with a man who gives back to the community helping those in need of this debilitating disease? You will not only adore Scott Dreier for his compelling voice, his unselfish and caring traits will endear you to him a thousand fold.

Scott Dreier is a man whose sentimental and emotional songs will linger inside of your heart, his genius will inspire you to reach out to that special someone you love, hold them close and be happy and grateful you have these feelings inside of you to share...and to Scott on a personal note:

Scott Dreier CD...I'm not gonna let you down, darling wait and see
Between now and then, till I see you again
I'll be loving you
"Love Me".....

And for the "Lida Rose" that lives in each one of us...we thank you Scott!

This is my MO-ment of Music, I happily share with you.

All the Best,


About Our Music Editor:

Maureen "Mo" Mahoney makes her home in Montgomery Village and spends her free time travelling to NY, Boston, Chicago, and countless other cities to support these amazing artists.  She has been published in the "New England Entertainment Digest", as well as "The American Songbook in London" where she has joined Jeff Harnar's creative team. 

Mo has also ventured into a new business rightfully named "Artistry in MO-tion" and is working with venues to bring these artists to Performing Arts Centers on the East Coast.  Mo will also be involved in the promotional aspect of the D.C. Cabaret Network, hoping to showcase these artists and many others.

Mo has been interviewed for magazines in Naples about her love of this music and the various artists she supports and works so tirelessly for, a true labor of love.  We are so lucky and fortunate to have her as a part of the Savvy Women family and look forward to many Mo rewarding and enlightening reviews.