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Tony DeSare

by our Music Guru Maureen ("Mo") Mahoney

"The secret of a successful life is to find out
what it is one's destiny to do, and then do it".

And Tony has accomplished this twice!
Not 1 but 2 albums climbing the charts

With an astounding talent that cannot be copied, shaken or stirred,
I give to you now
the incomparable


"Baby Dream Your Dream"...the PERFECT introduction into Tony's first album "Want You". This man not only dreams his dream, he lives it! An album of superlative beauty. There is something sensual about Tony's voice; the emotion and passion he sings with spills out on every note, every syllable, every word. To see him perform and witness his talent is a night of never ending DREAMS!!!!!! Tony is an amazing artist and the world is falling in love with him daily.

"Just in Time" - A toe tapping upbeat and happy song. I love listening to Tony on this track, and the piano is SUPERB, simply astounding to hear! I promise you will fall in love with this man's abundance of talent, and we are only at Track 2! Listen to the ending on this unbelievable song.

Tony DeSare"Want You" - A song so full of love and passion. Tony's voice will leave you breathless and spellbound, and you will "Want Him Too". Incredible song! He seems to know how to pull you in with his sexy voice, and the orchestrations just add more penetration to the piece, a most sensual rendition. John Swana on Trumpet adds the perfect accompaniment to Tony's vocals and artistry on the piano. This song will turn your head and still you to listen. SIMPLY PERFECTION!

"Two For The Road" - Many artists have performed this song, but with Tony, it has been reborn. Tony has the ability to grab a hold of your senses, and he never let's go. Tony and the piano are the perfect combination bringing me to a new level of appreciation. Just close your eyes at the piano solo, and he will drift you into a heavenly place, one you may never want to leave, but will visit often! Tony ends this song as beautifully as he begins it; you may want to hit "play" again on this beautiful melody.

"I Wish You Love" - So lovely in sentiment. Have you ever heard a song that just lands in your heart? Tony certainly has the ability to awaken your senses, your heart and how can you not adore this man? It would be impossible not to do so. Every time I hear this song, it just shows me what Tony is all about, always giving, always loving.

"How I Will Say I Love You" - For me, the TRUE STANDOUT on this album....the introduction will have you in the first 3 seconds. Listen to the words Tony is singing and tell me you don't feel something? This song is so moving you will feel so much love. This song gets to me each and every time I hear it, and the chills just remain throughout the song. You may fall in love with Tony yourself after this track. Something truly wonderful about his voice. Oh Tony, what have you done to us? BRAVO!!!!!!

"Another Chance for my Heart" - Upbeat, happy and full of heart, stunning piano again, but it is Tony's passion, that voice, that beautiful voice which will engulf you. It is so difficult to put into words what this track means to me and how it will make you feel. A song each of you will interpret and admire.

"We've Got A World That Swings" - A song full of hope and promise. This song will speak to you through the words and the piano. A song to leave you happy while the moment remains light and free. There isn't anything this man cannot sing which leaves me can one man be so gifted? Again, another perfect choice.

"Something's Gotta Give" - How I adore Tony's rendition. I cannot seem to sit still on this song. The piano along side the bass is phenomenal to hear. The talent with which Tony plays piano takes my breath away. I could watch Tony at the piano for hours and remain in awe. Talent like this supersedes so many artists out there today, and then to hear him sing with power and force, amazing track!

"I'd Have It All If I Had Drew" - This number is so lovely in so many ways, and what a great addition to an already beautiful album of joy! I have to say, I didn't know this song, and just loved it! Upbeat, fun and I love that Tony can add any style of song, and make it his own. You will adore this track!

"Marry Me" - Get ready, because from the onset you will be taken in., and as Tony's voice enters the song with the lyrics, you may need some kleenex nearby. Tony you are a perfect vehicle to promote love, hope and joy. Back in the day, The Carpenters had their hit with "We've Only Just Begun", but this is a new time; a new song has come along that all should play when thinking about their forever after, and "Marry Me" is the ONE...the ONLY ONE! Let me wipe the tears Tony, but thank you for them. How you touch my heart!

"Movin On" - What makes this song so amazing, beside Tony's vocals is the Saxophone solo by Bob Howell. Listening to the section brings this song to a beautiful and entrancing piece. Tony just hits it out of the park.

"Five Foot Two" - What a way to end a perfect album! Here is a track of instrumental bliss, no vocals. Tony has been blessed with agility and a swiftness in his fingers, something you must see to understand! Unbelievable in depth and speed. Then something remarkable happens, he kicks it up another notch and the tempo is so fast paced, you will become dizzy, but loving the sensation. One of the most INCREDIBLE PIANISTS of our time. I've seen Tony perform and just sat in my seat mesmerized, so to end this album showcasing your piano skills was just the most phenomenal ending you could have chosen. Well Done!

Tony DeSare

Tony's second endeavor, "Last First Kiss", is #5 on the Billboard Jazz Charts and is soaring at record speed. This album is so captivating, just take a look at these song titles - "Kiss", "Gee Baby Ain't I Good To You", "You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To", "Let's Just Stay In", "Come On Strong", "I'll Never Have Enough of You", "Oh Look At Me Now", "How Deep Is The Ocean", "Last First Kiss", "They Can't Take That Away From Me", "I Feel The Earth Move", "There Will Never Be Another You", and "Lover's Lullaby". I would recommend getting your copy so you have it ready for Valentine's Day. The perfect album, the only album for the holiday of lovers everywhere.

Again Tony has conceived an album which is taking the world by storm. Tony's rendition of "Kiss" is so jazzy and sexy, you will truly enjoy how he puts his own personal mark on this song. Normally, I would touch base on each track, but for this album, I wanted to keep some thoughts and feelings to myself. However, I can promise you, this album is UNBELIEVABLE. Love can sometimes be a private emotion for all of us, and on this album, only one spin will uncover the passion for the one you love! Tony will help you to reveal what is a part of your heart and soul.

However, if I must enlighten you on a couple of tracks, ("Mo's Choice") "Let's Just Stay In" will explain in depth what I am trying to convey....YOU MUST HEAR THIS TRACK! I am smiling right now because I have this album on; it is SURREAL in pleasure, delight and satisfaction! This is the song to play on Valentine's Day or any day you feel "amour". Dim the lights, open the wine, and while you are embraced with the one you love, enjoy this man's enthusiastic gift of song! "Come On Strong" will elevate your senses to a level of excitable and tempestuous frenzy. This album is intense and only Tony can uncover these sentimental and stirring emotions while inspiring you for a long, long, while.

"Last First Kiss" will endear Tony to you as a an extraordinary artist, the man whose vocals will leave you yearning for more. Welcome and embrace this man into your heart, for his gift of song already belongs to the world. Tony occupies a quintessential charm which easily and softly pulls you in, and if you're smart, you will never let go. Why not join the others and feel what love sounds two is TONY DESARE.

I feel I may not do Tony justice on "Last First Kiss", for once I may be at a loss for words. To hear this album in its entirety is to have lived! Tony DeSare is a musical genius in voice, piano and passion. This is the album you will desire and be thankful you own.

If you want to learn more about Tony DeSare, you can log onto his site and join Tony on his musical journey. I highly recommend seeing Tony perform, so check out his tour schedule. You never know when he will be in a town near you. Thank you to Telarc International for having such a dynamic talent as Tony on your label.  You can also purchase this album by logging onto Tony's website or at

Since there is so much love spilling out from this album I looked up the word LOVE in the dictionary (knowing full well Tony's picture would be there.... it wasn't) however look at the definition we are told:

-strong affection, -warm attachment, -to take pleasure in, - a beloved person

Tony embodies all of these characteristics....Tony is LOVE, he sings with LOVE and promotes LOVE.....what an exhilarating feeling he is sending to all of us!

Tony, thank you for all the LOVE you have shown to us through your music and exceptional talent. I feel so blessed and thankful to you for your friendship. All the world will come to adore and cherish you as I do, and isn't that a LOVE-ly way to begin your "Last First Kiss".

This is my "MO-ment of Music" I happily share with you.

All The Best,


About Our Music Editor:

Maureen "Mo" Mahoney makes her home in Montgomery Village and spends her free time travelling to NY, Boston, Chicago, and countless other cities to support these amazing artists.  She has been published in the "New England Entertainment Digest", as well as "The American Songbook in London" where she has joined Jeff Harnar's creative team. 

Mo has also ventured into a new business rightfully named "Artistry in MO-tion" and is working with venues to bring these artists to Performing Arts Centers on the East Coast.  Mo will also be involved in the promotional aspect of the D.C. Cabaret Network, hoping to showcase these artists and many others.

Mo has been interviewed for magazines in Naples about her love of this music and the various artists she supports and works so tirelessly for, a true labor of love.  We are so lucky and fortunate to have her as a part of the Savvy Women family and look forward to many Mo rewarding and enlightening reviews.